Best way to send money UK->SA

I would like to send a friend in South Africa some money (or “cheque”). Of course, I want to send Rand, and I’d like it to arrive safely, and preferably cheaply.

Speaking to my bank (the RBS), they have several transfer-types, none of which are anything like cheap (£17 being the minimum), and all requiring that I know bank account details of the recipient, which I don’t (and don’t want to ask for either).

This must happen all the time. Really I just want to be able to purchase a crossed-check in SARand. Anyone know the “best” way?

I’m of no help. The only reason that I’m posting is to say that I think that not having account details for the other person is, at the very least, going to increase you risk significantly (lost in mail etc.).

I can’t give details of South Africa, but I just deposited a British cheque in my American checking account this morning. They didn’t charge me a penny. Why not ask your friend if his bank will accept foreign cheques?

Alas, PayPal isn’t accepted in South Africa, so that won’t work.

Thanks, I guess this isn’t as common as I suggested.

Tapioca Dextrin, was that a cheque written in pounds sterling or US dollars? (I’m pretty sure that RBS won’t let me write a cheque in SA rand.)

It was a british cheque in pounds. I was pretty surprised.

I hope your friend is not a deposed monarch, looking to launder a large some of cash through an offshore ban account.

Can’t comment on SA, but I used to deposit US cheques in dollars into my UK account all the time. There was a small charge for the handling on the UK end, but much less than wire-transfer fees. It could take a couple weeks for the cheque to clear but if time isn’t an issue this may be your best bet. Have your friend ask about it at the bank.

Unless you have a crappy bank like Barclays who ‘misplaced’ a USD cheque for a few grand earlier in the year so it took 4 months to get the money. And I still haven’t had a response to my official complaint…

But I digress. I have sent money from the UK to friends in Australia via a MoneyGram. You don’t need to know their bank account, you arrange it at any post office and nominate a pick-up point for your friend to collect it (usually a Thomas Cook office).

From memory it’s slightly cheaper than a bank transfer.

Not telling (apparently it’s very important that I don’t discuss it with anyone, so shh!). Anyway, the ex-queen of South Africa sounds so trustworthy (and the poor thing is in such dire straits that her keyboard’s CAPS-LOCK has jammed).

Thanks all, for the info.