Best way to stain guard furniture

I recently purchased my first set of furniture, and the stain guarding of the fabric was not an option. I realize that I could go out and buy a case of scotchgard to protect the fabric, but I’m wondering if there are any services that I could use that would guarantee stain resistance.

Any insights on what to do or how to do it would be useful, too.



Do it yourself with Scotchguard like you indicated.

Professional cleaning companies like the “disaster restoration service” companies that un-flood your home or eliminate smoke odors after a housefire can probably do the deed for you, but more often than not they’ll whip out the old Scotchguard bottle & apply using a professional-looking … uh, sprayer. And then they’ll charge you a bunch more money than it would have cost you to apply it yourself.

As for guarantees, you’re probably only as good as the product you use. There are so many things that can stain your stuff that I’d be surprised if you found anyone to offer a blanket guaranty.