best way to update technology credentials

Got an associates in info tech in 2010 (with MCSA, A+ certs) . Unfortunately, a year or so later I ended up taking a non-tech job.

I’d like to switch back to a tech career now, but my credentials and limited experience are ridiculously outdated (windows xp, server 2003). My non-tech experience is nothing spectacular (warehouse work), but consistent.

What’s the fastest/easiest way to update my tech credentials to show I know current technology? My job does include tuition assistance, but only for select 2-year degree programs (there are some relevant options for tech).

Alternatively, if anybody knows a better place to ask/search for this question, I’d love to hear about that, too. ( my Linkedin network has languished the past few years, so I don’t really have any contacts outside of my current job).

Oh, should add I’m looking at the user support, systems admin side, rather than programming/development.