Best way to warm up my truck in the morning...

I have a 92 GMC Sonoma. We are in a crazy cold snap where I live (-28 celsius) and am wondering what the best way to warm my truck up in the morning would be?

I warm my truck up for 10-15 minutes in the morning, fan on 100% and heat on full. I have three settings for heat output: Heater (heat comes out of vents under the dash), Vent (heat comes out of 4 vents on the front of the dash) and Defrost (heat comes out of vents infront of windshield).

So my question is, which would heat my truck up the fastest?


Heat the interior: use all the vents possible minus the defogger setting.

The defog will just bounce the air of a cold window, cooling the air off.

Long term it doesn’t matter, but for warm feeling when getting in, use foot and face vents sans the window defog fan.

Personally, I give my truck 3-5 mins and then drive off, if I even bother to let it warm up while I sit inside. It warms up in five mins.

If your doesn’t, your thermostat might be stuck open - A five dollar part. You should have a thermostat that works properly so that the engine warms up fast, which will prolong engine life.

Heat rises, so hot air coming out of the floor ducts will warm the interior more than hot air coming out of the windshield ducts.

Philster usually 5 minutes is more than enough time, but lately it’s been minus 28 degress celsisus, that’s pretty damn cold.


Philster usually 5 minutes is more than enough time, but lately it’s been minus 28 degress celsisus, that’s pretty damn cold.


The heater core is essentially a small radiator, so if you want to warm up your engine the fastest you should leave the heater fan off. For heating up the interior I agree with the others. In some cars the defogger setting also turns on the A/C but I am not sure if that makes a difference in these temps.

-28C, Thats like :::counting on fingers:::, friggen cold :eek:

At that temp, you’re almost in the range of someone who should have an engine block heater. But I digress, because while that would help fluids flow, it wouldn’t heat your car up.

Replace the thermostat as reg maintenance and follow the advice given so far. Beyond that, bundle up. It’s about minus 15 celsius here in the northeast and my battery was already sounding weak.

What I would have done (and what many people I know do whenever the temperature goes below 0C) is to get a small electric space heater and put it on the passenger seat pointed towards the drivers seat.
Put it on a timer so that it goes on half an hour before you need the car, and you’ll never have to get into a cold car again. (Watch out so the you don’t do anything bad with the power cord in the door, and that things don’t overheat.)
This is best if combined with an engine block heater, but even without, it works wonder for winter comfort. (And if you leave it on long enough, it will melt the ice on the windscreen as well…)

If you’re talking about the interior of the cab, go with Anachronism’s suggestion: don’t run your heater until the engine has warmed the radiator/heater core fluid. It may not make a greatly noticable difference, but the little heater fan IS cooling the fluid somewhat until the heat from the engine block starts its convection.

I know some who own large heavy blankets which they leave over the hood and grill all night and take off a few minutes after starting their vehicles.

I have been thinking about doing this since I can’t put a remote starter in my 5 speed, I’m glad to hear it’s not a totally crazy idea. If you have a switch that can be controlled from in the house that would probably be even better. Remember that the little timers that are made for lamps have no where near the capacity for a space heater. I have a timer that is made for my swimming pool pump that might do the trick though.