Best/Worst Public Transit In A Warm State

Actually, Dallas is not so bad. DART covers all of Dallas, plus pretty large portions of the midcities and the northern suburbs.

The downtown lightrail is branching out, and in another three or four years will reach pretty far. In the meantime, the busses are reliable, and there’s a commuter train from Irving to downtown Dallas.

Tickets are $1 each way, $2 for a day pass, $28 for a monthly pass, and on ozone action days (which has been pretty much all this summer), fare is half price.

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If you’re willing to release yourself from the bounds of a warm “state”, Sao Paulo Brazil has the world’s largest public transit bus fleet, according to Guiness. I can’t recall the number offhand, but it is in the tens of thousands. They make no claims as to its efficiency, however.