Best/Worst Public Transit In A Warm State

I am seriously thinking of moving. I want to move someplace warm. I live in Chicago now. What cities in warm areas have good public trans. I have no car.

I would consider places like San Fran warm. (yes I know they have good trans)

The only thing I know so far is that Phoenix was rated as the worst for public trans.


I would think twice before assuming transit in San Francisco is good - it depends on your frame of reference. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I also don’t have high expectations. There’s a grassroots organization here that’s strictly to “rescue” the transit system - but I think they are whiners.

OTOH - the weather is wonderful most of the time.

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Is Gotham warm enough for you? People bitch and moan (something guaranteed by the New York State Constitution), but the fact is our transit system is pretty good. Only $1.50 anywhere in the city, and express busses for $3.00. In Manhattan, trains for north-south, a bus or feet for east-west. Runs 24/7, crime’s down, stations and cars are cleaner than they’ve been since the early 60’s. About the only thing we lack is a good train-to-the-plane.

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I think your problem is going to be that usually, the warmer the city, the newer the city, the crappier the public transit. I hear Los Angeles has made alot of progress but you still need a car. Same goes for every city in Florida. Frisco’s not warm, but it’s not cold either.

Try Key West. It’s warm and you can walk everywhere.


I meant every big city in Florida.


As manhattan said, New York’s transit system, whatever jokes you might have heard about it is pretty good. They recently introduced unlimited one week passes and unlimited one month passes, making it a great deal for someone who has no car and uses public transportation for more than just commuting to and from work.

Washington, DC’s public transit system seemed to me to be pretty good, although I must admit to only having used it twice.

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I actually lived in the Keys when I was younger. I lived in Marathon 50 miles from Key West. You don’t actually need a car, (I knew people that got by with a moped or bike) but the cost of living in Key West is so outragoues.

And the pay scales are terrible. They want to pay you (back then) $4.25 an hour AND they want you to WORK for it HARD.

Hey Mark,

I’ll give the grade of “mildly decent to good” to the PT system, out here in Los Angeles County.

I’m not sure about the other counties in the vicinity, as I normally drive otherwise.

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Washington DC’s system is actually very cool…It’s really, REALLY fast for one thing, and the stations and trains look like something out of a sci-fi movie. The trains look brand-new, and they’re clean and comfortable. It doesn’t go everywhere yet, but they were building more lines when I was there last spring.

Worst Public Transportation in a Warm State: North Carolina

We have none!

“The Triangle” (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) measures 20 miles x 10 miles x 8 miles. Everyone works in the techno-park in the middle called Research Triangle Park. How do you get 500,000 people to work? 4-lane interstate. Oh, and the airport in located near the middle as well.

I’m glad I work 4 miles from the house.

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ConMan –

Actually, there IS public transit in the Triangle area … oh, wait, did you want to go somewhere other than a university campus? And you want to go places in the SUMMER, too? Never mind.

There is a rather limited bus system, but any way you travel, it’s gonna take a really long time to get anywhere at all at rush hour. I think Markxxx is thinking of subway/metro/T/L type things. You can absolutely forget about taking the bus anywhere at night.


Yeah, I know how limited the bus system is. Did you miss the sarcasm in my previous post?

Why limit yourself to this country? Sydney, Australia’s got a dynamite subway system. Other than that, I don’t think much of anywhere warm in the U.S. has good public transit.

Christ, what an imagination I’ve got…

I have already lived in DC, it is OK but not THAT warm. Good Trans though.
Can’t get into Aussie or I’d go. I have friends down there. Well they’re in Chch now but even they couldn’t help.

I heard Dallas had very bad trans.

Anybody know anything about San Diego?

Hawaii (Oahu, that is). A buck takes you pretty well around the island, few people use it, the buses stop at useful places, and they take bicycles on a front rack.

San Diego has bus lines, but no trains. I’ve used them, and had no problems, but can’t speak for their overall reliability or the consistency of traffic conditions.

Chaim Mattis Keller

In Atlanta, try MARTA, it’s smarta. I’ve only used the trains, but they have busses as well. Free parking at the stations, and it’s $1.50 to ride IIRC. Whatever you read is correct, the public transportation in Phoenix blows. They have busses, but that’s it. Not adequate for a city this large.

“San Diego has bus lines, but no trains.”

Not correct. The San Diego Trolley has two lines. One runs all the way to the Mexican border, and the other runs out to Santee (I think). And the “Coaster” commuter trains operate on the north coast between downtown and Oceanside.

San Diego does have commuter rail (the “Coaster”), but, as the name implies, it only runs along the coast. I don’t really know exactly where the trolley goes because I’ve never ridden it… I do know that you can get to the US/Mexico border on it.

The Coaster is primarily designed to get people from “north county” downtown by 8 or 9 in the morning, and back by 6 or 7 at night. The very last train at night leaves Oceanside for San Diego at 5:28 pm, and the last train going the other direction departs at 6:42 pm.

There are only three southbound trains after noon (there are only four after 7:45 am), and only two northbound trains BEFORE noon.

That’s weekdays. On Saturday, the schedule I have says there are only four trains each direction, and the last one runs on the same schedule as given above.