Best woven scenes

After going through this thread, I was wondering what the best interleaving scenes set to music (not necessarily) were.

A sequence of multiple alternating scenes which inches towards an anticipated climax (not necessarily the end of the movie)

I’m talking something like the “settling of scores” in Godfather I near the end or Pacino’s intervention in Devil’s Advocate when he dips his hand in water in the church.

I like the one near the end of Amadeus. Mozart is lying in bed dictating the Requiem to Salieri while his wife is heading home. The scene is of course set to the section of the Requiem (Confutatus) which alternates between a solo and choir (or two sections of the choir, I’m not sure which).

For some reason, all I can think of at the moment is a scene from the movie The Scarlet Empress, a highly fictionalized version of Catherine the Great, starring Marlene Dietrich. There’s a montage showing the palace revolution that sweeps her into power, with stirring music. Can’t remember the composer.

I haven’t read the thread cited in the OP, so forgive me if this was covered there, but there are are a number of fabulous woven, musical scenes in Goodfellas. Two that spring to mind are i) when Ray Liotta takes Lorraine Bracco to the Copa and ii) the coke-hyped climax. Amazing scenes from an amazing movie.