Bestsellers in other countries

How can I find out what the current best-selling books are in other countries? Specifically, in Mexico, Greece, Germany and France? I’ve played around a bit on Google, with poor results, so I thought I’d ask here. Part of my job is helping college kids study abroad in these countries, and I’m working on lists of books they can read about the country before they go. I thought that including current bestsellers from each country might be interesting, too.


Germany hardback and paperback.

Thanks, don’t ask!

This site publish every week a list of the current best sellers by category (novels, essays, comics, children books), but unfortunately only the 3 best sales. For novels, its currently :

  1. Da Vinci code, Dan Brown
  2. Suite française, Irène Némirovsky
  3. Le voleur de Noël, Mary et Carol Higgins Clarks
    All three being foreign books (“Suite Francaise”, if I’m not mistaken, has been writen before WWII by a polish woman who died in a concentration camp). So, nothing very helpful about french culture.