Bethany College golf team suspended for showing their "clubs"

Golf team suspended for posting nude photo on the internet

So the golf team posts a picture of themselves posing nude covering their um, shafts, with their uh, “shafts”. Okay, what’s the big deal, dumbass college kids do dumbass things?
Well, the team captain’s name? Jack Hiscock. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t make this shit up.

hands on their putters and balls.

Darn it, that picture is too small to really see details. What’s with the guy on the right with a horse head?

Hahahahahaha!! I wouldn’t have found this funny at all, but his name just took it to the next level! Heeheehee…

As far as the “Big deal”, well, they’re an officially college-sanctioned organization, so the school (a Lutheran college) feels it reflects poorly upon them that people representing them acted in a way that they wouldn’t approve of. Call it a case of “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Except that the cobler is a priest. And his children are golfers. :smiley:

Yeah, i can’t get too worked up about this. They attend a private, religious institution that is very clear about the sort of values that it wants to encourage.

The Student Conduct section of the Student Handbook (PDF) specifically prohibits “disorderly, lewd or indecent conduct” (p. 128), as well as “lewd exposure of the body done with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desire of any person” (p. 129). The fact that the guys specifically identified themselves as a Bethany College sports team means that it was quite reasonable of the college to interpret their actions as being in violation of the college rules.

While i’m not at all offended by what they did, and think it’s sort of amusing (if not very original), it’s actually sort of refreshing to see that the college really does put its values before the success of its sports programs. The team, according to this article, is “nationally ranked” and “has won 11 of the last 15 KCAC championships,” so it’s not like this suspension is a hollow gesture.

The horse’s head is just a novelty club cover. Google “golf club covers,” you can find all kinds of krazy varieties.

What I wouldn’t give to send that story to my mother, a Bethany alumna. She would be publicly appalled, then keep the shot for herself.

She’s been gone 11 years now.

Oh, I thought you meant Bethany, WV. I don’t think they have a golf team. :wink:

including “ribbed for her pleasure?”

The article says all 15 members of the team were suspended.

I only count 14 in that photo. Where’s the other guy? (Maybe taking the picture?)

I see a calendar in the making, but if there are 15 some of them are going to have to double-up.

Oh god, can we make it modular so I can choose my own pairings?

Oh, I don’t blame the school for suspending them at all. I meant “big deal” as in, just another news story about kids being stupid and getting suspended for it.

I’m just immature enough to find “Jack Hiscock” incredibly amusing.

The school was certainly in the right to suspend them – like it or not, the students were representing the school when they took the picture and posted it. I just found the story funny.