Better big squirt gun than "Water Blaster?"

We’ll be going on a canoe trip where the outfitter encourages using this Water Blaster® squirt gun. The outfitter says it will shoot a quart of water about 60 ft., is superior to other guns, and can be dismantled and cleaned. It seems like a simple sturdy gun at a reasonable price. However…

If anyone can recommend a better weapon for the inevitable water fights, I’m all ears…er, all eyes, I guess.

Those are the shit. They fill very quickly, very easily and spray a lot of water a long way. You can kick serious ass in a water fight with one of those. They are the champ when you have a standing body of water to refill from.

On every rafting trip I have been on, those things rain supreme.

If you really want to be the wet blanket of the party, find a used pressurized water fire extinguisher.

Reloading isn’t fast obviously, but they hold 2.5 gallons of water so who needs to reload?