Better evidence of Jesus than Caesar?

In post #29 in this thread don’t ask related his recollection of hearing a historian talking on the radio mention that, “for instance, there is far better evidence, closer to his lifetime, that Jesus existed than there is that Julius Caesar existed. However people accept as fact that Caesar was real and many doubt that Jesus was.”

Could this possibly be true? Didn’t the Roman emperors coin money bearing their names and likenesses, inscribe their names and exploits on various buildings, get mentioned in various records?

A quick Google reveals this claim to be ludicrous.
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Nevermind his own autobiographical writing on the galic wars and the records we have of his other campaigns and the evidence we have for them?

I don’t see how that statement has any truth to it.

The historical consensus however, is indeed that Jesus as portrayed in the Bible was likely based on a real historical person (possibly persons).

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That is actually silly. We have busts of Gaius Iulius Caesar from his life. Writings of his and his contemporaries and the recorded (written down) speeches of Cicero.

So this is an extremely weak claim.


I have heard the same analogy given with Socrates, however, and that holds up pretty well. Most of what we “know” about Socrates comes from Plato, who was well known for making things (like Atlantis) up.

wiki "Details about Socrates derive from three contemporary sources: the dialogues of Plato and Xenophon (both devotees of Socrates), and the plays of Aristophanes."

This is a statement that has be bandied for a while (I remember being taught this as a statment of fact at our church youth group). Its simply a ridiculous claim, there is FAR FAR more evidence for the existence of Caesar than Jesus.

If we’re gonna keep this in GQ I’d be interested in know who first made this claim, and how they justified it.

We have **actual film **of Jesus:


and here

What more do you want? :confused:

Just to clarify, you strictly mean Socrates might be myth and not Julius Caesar?

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