Better name: Kid Charlemagne or Absinthe Minded?

I feel like changing my username. Keep Kid Charlemagne or go Absinthe Minded?

Keep KC. The other is like the “Be-Sharps”: funny at first but less amusing with time.

I’ve always like KidCharlemagne, KidCharlemagne. And if you change it, I’ll never remember you are you.

I kind of like Absinthe Minded, but KidCharlemange is OK too.

I prefer the Steely Dan reference.

Absinthe Minded is kind of clever, but like Crusoe says, it gets less funny every time. In fact, I’m already over it.:wink:

Oh - I have to admit I likeAbsinthe Minded. Am I silly, or is it just cos it is past my bedtime? I like it anyway.

(Yes, amusing things get less amusing pretty fast, but the way that gets me is in terms of long amsuing sigs, pretty soon they just seem to be taking up space, which can’t really be said for names.)

I vote for Absinthe Minded.

(Has there been an ‘ultimate Doper name’ thread? There’s some great ones around here…)

I like 'em both.

I’m a Steely Dan fan and Edgar Allan Poe ain’t bad neither.

My vote’s for th’ status quo, KidCharlemagne.

You can Germanize your name to Kid Karloman. I’ve always liked that spelling better.

It’s also new and no one will forget who you were. When I chatted I used to sport a new username every week, but only for a few hours before going back to my old one. I really enjoyed trying on new ones. It gives me that ‘oh so fresh feeling,’ ya know?

Absinthe Minded amuses me. Plus, I’m on another messageboard that has a Kid Charlemagne on it who’s different from you – and that KC is a real rat bastard.


Get along. Get along Kid Charlemange.