Better than average Zombie Threads

In the attempt to find the title of an old Civil War movie that I could use as an entry in Sampiro’s Best Civil War movies thread, I finally located it in an older thread I had responded to back in 2003 called 100 Greatest Movie Deaths – add your favorite! (SPOILERS).

That old thread just sort of fizzled out three years ago, and posting to it now would probably bring about a rapid lockdown due to its Zombie status.

How many such threads must there be?

And just where is the dividing line between (or what are the criteria for) threads that have reached zombie status and those that are still post-worthy?

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to have a thread that lists some of the “oldie but goodie” threads that might profit from a sort of revival if they are truly in the Zombie category.

Maybe if we list some here, we can revisit the concept/topic in new threads that will pick up where the old one(s) left off.

I have meant to post this very thread many times before, and today I just had to follow through with the idea.

What old thread(s) would you like to see reopened or revisited?

May I assume that there aren’t any, then?

I think the plane on the treadmill could use a little rehashing. And “Is .99999 = 1?”