Betty Crocker: Haute Cuisine Goddess, or purveyer of Satan's Ass Nuggets?

Back in around 1983ish, I got a Betty Crocker cookbook as a gift. Since then, it’s sort of been my bible in the kitchen, for everything from BBQ sauce to dinner rolls, from roasted turkey to pancakes. It is the definitive Joe Sixpack cookbook, covering all the basics.

But sometimes I think our sexy wench Betty has been at the cooking sherry just a wee bit much. I wouldn’t serve her appetizers to my dogs (if I had any), much less polite company (if I had any). Where she failed me is balogna slices spread with peanut butter and decoratively impaled on toothpicks. Or Cheez Whiz sandwiches using walnut halves instead of bread.

But times have changed. Pallettes have become more sophisicated. Has our coquettish Ms. Crocker kept up with the times? You decide:

Almost Guacamole

Tuna Appetizer Pizza

Igloo Spread with Cream Cheese Penguins

Italian Pancake Dunkers

Meatless “Meatballs”

I am definitely making the igloo spread with cream cheese penguins for my next party!

I learned to cook with a Betty Crocker cookbook in the early 80s, but moved on to Joy of Cooking and (more recently) The Best Recipe.

:eek: :eek:

Barf~ola. This thread needs to merge with the Sad things done to good food thread.

It inspired it, actually.

More accurately, the evil Ms. Crocker inspired it.