Between home and work (35 miles) ...

… I pass three McDonaldses, but only one Burger King.

Two colleges; three public high schools; two public elementary schools; no public middle schools; one parochial school; two “Christian” schools/academies; one private school of unknown affiliation; one school for kids with mental or behavioral problems. Two dance schools/studios; two martial arts schools/studios.

Three Protestant churches; one Catholic church; one [Armenian] Orthodox church; one synagogue.

(Three day-care centers associated with a house of worship.)

One (regular) golf course; one (miniature) golf course.

Seven shopping centers that have at least one non-fast-food restaurant.

One porn shop.

Five chiropractors.

No Starbuckses.

I’m spending way too freakin’ much time in the car these days.

On my way to work, I pass an old-fashioned diner, two Brazilian fundamentalist churches, two Dunkin’ Donuts, a lawyer named Robert Graves, a Holiday Inn, a highway offramp, and the largest poison-ivy bush in Christendom.

My commute is also 35 miles, but so much of it is freeway driving I’m not sure what counts as “pass”. I can see a McDonalds on my commute, a Sizzler, and an A&W franchise. I pass by a church or two, but never noticed the affiliation. Lots of residential (the back way to my home avoids the commercial district) and probably half a dozen car dealerships. I like my commute for the most part, though, so I can’t say I pay much attention to the details of the drive. 1 tollbooth, 1 prison Johnny Cash sang about, 2 malls, and usually some roadkill, too.

1 school, 2 barbershops, 5 drugstores, 2 grocery stores, 1 each McDonalds, Wendys, Carl’s Jr., 2 Del Tacos, 1 Denny’s, 1 gas station, 4 Chinese restaurants, 1 police station, 1 porn shop and a Sizzler.

One of these days, I want to find all the Starbuckses in downtown Denver. I know of one corner where you can see three of them. I pass three (different ones) on my short three block walk from the train station, and I pass two others on the four block train trip into downtown. There is one more I pass on the train trip home (tracks one block north running in oppoisite direction). So thats one, two… Nine that I know of that are along or near my daily route into work.


Given I live in the middle of nowhere and commute 13 miles to a building purposely built out of the way, I pass no food places of any sort on my way to work. I do, however, pass 2 speciality stores, two places that seem to sell snowmobiles, a gas station, a farm, a middle school, a safety complex, a few houses and a boatload of trees.

I pass the largest airport in Canada.

As well as squillions of apartment buildings, a cemetery isolated by freeway roads, the back offices of the Royal Bank, a mall listed on the page of dead malls, 4 car dealerships, 3 standalone gas stations, 2 erotica shops, 1 motorcycle shop, and some inexplicable outdoor sculpture.

I go through two stoplights, and pass two tire shops and a smog place. Oh, and a taco truck.

But it’s only three miles.

Where I used to work (out twickster’s way), I passed 3 Dunkin’ Donuts and a Starbucks. And that doesn’t count the 2 DDs or the other Starbucks just a block or two off the route.

In its defense, I was taking commuter rail into the city, and these businesses were all in the Center City Philly area.

(It was amusing when I figured out that DD #3 was consistently 15% cheaper than DDs #1 and 2.)

Currently - 1 public elementary school, 1 church, 1 rail-to-trail, and 1 toll road.

Twickster, do you and I work and live at the same place? :slight_smile: Your drive sounds so much like mine (including the distance and the McDonalds-to-Burger King ratio) that I’m a bit freaked out, here.

On mine, the most interesting places of note (in addition to pretty much everything you list):

  • A nut factory (“Come taste our nuts!” – no, really, that’s what the readerboard says).

  • A car dealership that has the flavor-of-the-month suspended by a crane approximately 100 feet in the air.

  • Another car dealership that has had “Going out of business” and “Everything must go!” signs hanging for so long that they’re all yellowed and wrinkly.

  • A wild game restaurant, which has pictures of elk and deer on one side of the sign, the restaurant name in the middle, and a smiling chef (complete with hat) on the other holding a platter of steaming steaks. Kinda creepy.

  • An seemingly abandoned factory outlet-style strip mall, which, though you never see any traffic or any cars in the lots, still does enough business to stay open.

  • A giant purple gorilla. I have no clue what business it represents or what it’s for. It’s wearing a belt with a phone number on it, and it looms over the edge of the highway looking like it’s about to swoop down and snatch a screaming family in their minivan off the road and fling them into the jungle. (I have waaaay too much time on my drive to imagine things like this, unfortunately). For about a week last summer, it had a pet eagle peering over its shoulder, but the eagle has soared off for parts unknown and now only King Kong remains.

Damn, I don’t have a single gorilla, of any size or color. :frowning:

Elementary schools: +1
Protestant churches: +1
Shopping centers with at least one non-fast-food restaurant: +1
Chiropractors: -1

Five self-serve storage places
Three quarries; one business selling stone by the pallet
One lumber mill
Two branches of my bank
One art museum

I pass one lady selling beignets and fried sweet potatoes, one omelette and sweet spiced tea stand, five ladies selling spices and onions, one house that sells beans, about a dozen children and a few old men, a herd of cows, and an assortment of sheep and goats.

Not bad for a two block walk.

I ride the bus to the Metro though a leafy residential neighborhood (there’s a middle school, a church with a preschool (two of my kids go there) a small clutch of shops including a small grocer, a hardware/general store, Lebanese, Thai, & Chinese food, Pizza, a couple barbershops, a RiteAid, a 7-11, a laundry, an ice cream shop, a post office, a library - all within two blocks of my house) to a built-up cityscape. I ride the Metro into DC, completely underground, the come out of the station in the midst of the corridors of power, passing a Subway and a Fire and Police Station on the way to my office. It’s just over 8 miles and takes about 40 minutes. Oh, and costs me next to nothing because work pays for it.

On my morning commute I pass a bunch of lazy, slow-moving moronic drivers who apparently have no place better in the world to be than putzing around the roads during the morning rush hour. Og damnit people, if you don’t really want to get to where you are going, then stay home!

On my way to work I can see in the distance the full-size, standing replica of a Saturn V rocket at the Space and Rocket Center.

I also pass a Taco Bell, a Krystal and the mall. I’m grateful that the Chick-Fil-A is not on my way to work, otherwise I’d have a chicken-n-biscuit for breakfast every morning and gain twenty pounds.

I used to live in Decatur and commute to Huntsville, and I got to cross over the Tennessee river every morning, and it was beautiful. I miss that sometimes.

Number of time-and-temperature signs: 5
Number of time-and-temperature signs that show the same temperature as any other (including the two sides of a single sign): 0

[hijack]Sofaspud, you make me so homesick! I used to live in Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls, and I really miss it!
I remember there were quite a few of those giant inflatable animals all over the area. I don’t ever see them here in Denver.
And what happened to your Light Rail project? I was counting on that as a career starter, giving me an excuse to move to back. (I soon starting school for architecture, and I would love to work on some TODs in Spokane.)

There’s a liquor store about 1/2 mile from my house. There’s a gas station that sells liquor about 1/2 a mile from the control point. There’s also a liquor store about 20 miles from both my house and the control point.

On my way to work, I pass

an international border where I get stopped about 5 times/week, some of the guards already greet me in English, one even once asked me for help clarifying a linguistic question :smack:

several banks, most of which dispense both CHF and EUR

less gas stations than banks

a factory whose logo I absolutely have to take a picture of

a McD in an industrial area

I commute about 15 miles on the 405 freeway. My apartment is literally blocks from the freeway entrance, and my workplace is literally right at the freeway exit.

It’s a very nice scenic drive through the hills, and because I work nights I actually avoid most of the horrendous traffic on the 405 (going south in the afternoon and north only late at night). I really only notice a few of the skyscrapers/large buildings, and the one that sticks out most in my mind that I pass everyday is the ING Direct building, as well as, of course, the Getty Museum.