Between my Kilt and me there is... nothing?

Well, we’re not extinct yet! Then again, we Scots are used to our climate, which, though nothing like that of Florida, doesn’t quite compete with the frozen wastes of the Antarctic.

Not as cold as you’d think – the Gulf Stream runs by there, so it’s a bit warmer than similar latitudes in North America. Note that palm trees grow in parts of the Highlands – that’s not to suggest that Scotland’s climate is tropical, but it’s certainly not a deep freeze.

I have worn a kilt through Greenwich Village on the first week of January, Regimental, when it was QUITE nippy (NY DopeFest, 2002). They boys were toasty. Those things are wool. The kilts, not the boys.


That’d unnaturally constrict the manhood! Completely unacceptable. Being the manliest of garments, the kilt and belted plaid must let the manhood be free and unconstrained.

I’ve worn the belted plaid in temperatures as cold as Scotland gets and was quite warm. Four to six yards of wool at five feet wide can work quite well. However, North America can get far colder than Scotland normally does, so Highlanders here would often adopt leggings and trews. From my reading, in the dead of winter, they might wear trews, leggings over that, the plaid over that, supplemented with a coat and a great-coat.