Beverly Hillbillies car ID

In the episode ‘Hot Rod Truck’, Jethro drives up in [=Beverly%20Hillbillies%20(Jethro%20combined%20the%20Hot%20Rod%20Truck%20and%20the%20Jalopy%20together)&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=12"]this yellow car]([term); which features a bubble canopy, and pointy bits at the front.

Apparently in the episode, Jethro turns the family truck into a hot rod that was built on a 1925 Dodge with a 1969 [sic – the episode is from 1968] muscle car engine. But what about that yellow car at the beginning? Who built it, what was it called, and what became of it?

I can’t find any info at all. Wow, that is one ugly car, even by show car standards.

Isn’t it, though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely, George Barris was involved; he customized nearly all the fancy cars you saw on TV in the 60s.

Yup. George Barris just died; I knew him from custom car days (my brother bought *Hot Rod *& I read anything that came into the house).

But the TV featurette on his life showed some of the “famous” cars he created. Is this Jethro’s car? (I don’t think it was supposed to be elegant; Jethro lacked subtlety.)

I found a website and lost it about made for movie cars. They had no other info, but noted several other custom cars used in the episode. They mentioned George Barris, a custom car make in CA but I couldn’t find references to it that way or looking for Ed Roth cars. The front wheels are odd, this looks likes a one off that may never have been roadable. Maybe an image search will find something.

No, but that truck did appear in the episode. The car in question is in a poor-quality picture in the OP.

Are you perhaps thinking of the Internet Movie Car Database? It’s not just about made for movie cars, but also identifies production vehicles in movies and TV shows. (Useful when I see an interesting car in a movie and want to know what it is.)

FWIW, I checked there before posting.

Yup, that was it. Everything there leads back to the picture in the OP.

Looks like something Dean Jeffries would do.

Interesting that it doesn’t show up in IMCD. They’ve got listings for cars that were in the background of scenes, or parked behind the car that was being filmed. But yet this…thing…which someone went to a lot of trouble to make, has nothing? And it never showed up anywhere else? The hot rod pickup that Jethro makes out of the old Olds - that even has a model kit. But this cross between Uncle Martin’s ship and a leaf doesn’t leave a trace.

Very strange.

Did the bubble open in the episode? Did they show Jethro getting out?

I actually do work when I work from home! The TV is just on for noise. So I didn’t see if Jethro and Random Hippie Chick were shown getting out of the car, but you could see that the canopy was hinged at the rear.

I too, was surprised the car database didn’t have a picture of it and that the link in the OP is the only one I could find of it.

After looking around a bit, I suspect it’s an Ed Roth creation or heavily inspired by his cars.


Road Agent

Beatnik Bandit II

Not one of Roth’s but inspired by him: Futurian

I didn’t realize Big Daddy Roth actually built cars like that, besides drawing cartoons of them. Wow.

I tried one of my car buddies on Facebook and got this back. Corvair powered Stiletto.

Damn, that is one butt-ass ugly car, even for the 1960’s.

Dangerously ugly, you might say.

Good find. Thanks!

Added info to IMCDb.