Bewildering Amazon charge on my debit card


If you return an item to Amazon and it’s not the result of their error, you pay return shipping (return fee).

Some products say “free shipping and free return shipping” near the price. It’s somewhat random, but it’s often the case for things like clothing and shoes; they may also use tailored algorithms based on your patterns of behvaior.

Otherwise, as @running_coach says, if you return something because you just changed your mind, you pay for return shipping.

What’s not clear to me is why you’d see a separate line item. It’s usually just deducted from the refund amount.

You can return Amazon items for free, at many Kohl’s stores.

If it’s actually sold by Amazon, yes. But WEB AMAZON MARKETPLACE sounds like it was sold by a third-party vendor through Amazon. I don’t think I’ve ever returned a Marketplace item, but different vendors may well have different procedures, and that one apparently lists the return fee as a separate line item. Maybe? Or does Amazon always handle all such return fees for their Marketplace vendors?

Another thought occurs…

@lissener, have you actually recently returned an item to Amazon or to a vendor that might be using Amazon Marketplace for billing/fulfillment?

Because this sort of vague-but-plausible charge seems like exactly the sort of thing a scammer might try…


I had been relying on my debit card to simply deny any charge that went over my balance (I live right on the edge). But I had somehow linked my Amazon Marketplace purchases directly to my bank account. So I purchased an $18 packet of seeds from Indonesia, which with postage went 27¢ over my balance, so my bank charged me $36 . . . and Amazon charged me another $25. Four hours on the phone later, I got the $36 waived and the $25 disputed. And my bank account info deleted.

And no, the seeds are not magic beans. But they’re rare plants I intend to sell @$100 when they sprout.