The actress who played Louise Tate’s Aunt Milicent on an episode of BEWITCHED also played the part of Samantha’s neighbor, an old lady who had several cats. Endora had made (the second) Darren into an old man whom they then pass off as Darren’s grandfather. Louise tries to fix up her Aunt Milicent with this grandfather. As the cat neighbor, the actress plays a fussy lady who gets quite confused when I think Samantha turns some of the cats into dogs or something. The actress was also in at least one episode of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW in which she pries information out of Goober Pyle about a misunderstood incident in the background of Helen Crump. It gets to the schoolboard and they hold hearing to get rid of Miss Crump, and the interfering old lady actress apologizes when the whole thing is cleared up.

I’m not an Andy Griffith episode collector or anything, but I’m pretty sure Gomer Pyle and Goober were two different individuals, and so were the people who played them.


I believe the OP is correct. Gomer and Goober are cousins, and, if memory serves, both had the last name Pyle. They are two different people though, played by two different actors, FWIW.

No clue about the character actress, though there is a very good Elizabeth Montgomery site (can’t recall address) with detailed listings of all characters and episodes.


“Aunt Millicent:”,+Ruth

George Lindsay, the actor who played Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show,” was the commencement speaker at my high-school graduation. When I walked across the stage and he shook my hand, he asked where I was from (it was a military school with people from all over) and when I told him I was from Texas, he looked me up and down and said, “Weee-oo! They really DO make 'em big down thar.”

Say, you don’t suppose he was hitting on me, do you? :wink:

Yep. IIRC, Goober took over the shop from cousin Gomer when Gomer joined the Marines (and got his own show).