Beyond words............Four boys starved.

Just read the story, and vent appropriately.

Four boys starved.

Yeah, I really got to stop clicking on links like that.

Why did the neighbors stay silent for so long? Those poor kids. That 19 year old will never catch up to his normal size. Really horrifying.

Here`s another link, same story.

Or here.

In our local paper they quote on neighbor extensively. He said everybody thought the boys had AIDS. He also mentioned bringing toys for the children while he was on vacation. When he asked one of the daughters if the boys liked thier toys she said, “They’re not allowed to play with toys.”
Although from this article you can see why The NY Post won’t win any awards for impartial news reporting.

Whadd`ya mean, Biggirl, are you saying that the parents might be telling the truth, and the Post assumed the neighbors are correct?

Some people should win stupid awards.

William Jackson is the brother of Raymond (the parent).

Ok now really, stupid, these kids have never grown since you have known them. People don’t grow if they don’t eat.

I can’t speak for Biggirl, obviously, but the other articles, by simply reporting what happened, make it very clear that there was something seriously fucked up with these parents. But the articles are able to do that without being so sensationalistic like the The NY Post (“sicko”, “pathetic”, etc.). I think we each are capable, and should be allowed to, reach such conclusions on our own.

Then again, it is The NY Post, which likely isn’t the best place one sees adherence to high journalistic standards (or at least this is my impression, as a west coaster).

Yeah, what El Gui said.

I had read The NY Post article on the train in from work and it struck me weird that they would say the daughters would “pig out” in front of the sons (how would they know this?) and would call the parents names. Then I read those two other articles with their matter-of-fact reporting and realized just how bad the Post is.

P.S. I didn’t buy The Post. It was given to me. I never buy The Post because it is such a bad, bad paper. This just reminded me just how bad it is.

What the HELL?

The only thing I can ask is-WHY? I mean, was it Munchausen’s by Proxy?

What twisted explanation can they possibly give?

That these four men were almost killed is sickening. Hopefully these guys can go on to lead reasonable lives. The bitch who did this to them should be hung

" . . . investigators and neighbors are still trying to make sense of two sharply contrasting realities: four adopted youngsters starving in plain sight and a family that was widely seen as loving and deeply religious."

Because, of course, religious people could never abuse children—that’s something only a godless atheist would do!

More details in today’s paper.

This house was visited 38 times by city social workers. Did they not see that the 19 year old was 4 foot tall and 45 lbs? When the parents said all 4 boys had “eating disorders” did they not check? Don’t they have to give doctors reports to child welfare?

Then again, this is the same agency that didn’t notice a dead boy in a trunk for a year.

Several things I’d like to see here …

The director of the agency (Edward E. Cotton) to step down;

The senior managers responsible for whatever division of DYFS this falls under, to resign;

(There have already been 9 firings, but I fear they are all low-level employees who don’t design the system which failed)

The caseworker who visited 38 times and reported nothing wrong, to be interviewed extensively. This would be well worth doing even if she had to be paid off, promised immunity, etc. There’s an opportunity to learn first-hand how the system broke down in this case. If she’s merely an evil witch who lied for her own amusement, let her explain how she got away with it;

The congregation where the starving boys attended Sunday School, interviewed for clues as to why the “parents” would do this thing, and why no one in the congregation saw anything wrong. Eve, I read a couple of days ago that they were “very religious”, but I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up here. One member of the church was quoted, in a source I can no longer find, as saying “There’s no way this happened.” Well, Sir, it kind of DID happen; we need to find out how.

Finally, considering the history of failures of the NJ DYFS, I think it’s probably time for the governer himself (herself?) to get involved and do some serious housecleaning. This is a scandal and an embarrrassment and a shame. Today I’m sad to be a member of the same loose federation of states that New Jersey is a member of.

Obviously the agency has problems more serious than it can solve itself. It’s time for someone else to step in and solve them.

I’d like to add that the system of paying foster parents a stipend for taking in foster children (and in this case, adopting children – I didn’t know adoptive parents got a stipend too!) attracts a small minority class of people who are in this game just for the money.

You wouldn’t think the money alone would be attractive; it’s not that much, and raising kids is expensive. But as we see here, some people find ways to cut corners.

I have seen this type of thing before, here in Washington. Hard as it is to believe, there really are people who are playing this system purely for the financial gain.

Yeah, Amp, I have got to stop reading this kind of shit too.

Thirty-eight freaking times! Cutting the grass with shears? How is it possible for anyone with at least one intact optic nerve not recognize that something was wrong? It is beyond absurd that our government agencies can be so flagrantly in-fucking-competent. Not only should the parents be prosecuted, but maybe the social workers should be held accountable and prosecuted as well.

God, I need some relief.

There is a fucking family photo in papers today.

It’s just sickening to see them all smiling like everything is A fucking OKay.

And, I just read this, from the husband of one of the DC-area sniper victims: “Cruz described how he met his wife, the mother of their 8-year-old son, when they were neighbors in El Salvador. ‘She was a very religious lady,’ Cruz said through an interpreter. ‘She had good morals.’”

I don’t want to belabour the point (well, OK, yes I do), but can’t anyone else see how incredibly insulting this kind of thing is to us non-religious people?

AFAIK, foster/state adoptive parents get more money for children with “problems”. So sick to think that they may have created/aggravated these childrens’ suffering in order to get a bigger support check. Disgusting.


I’m not sure where you are drawing the corelation here.

I understand the point you are making (re: “not religious = immoral”)

but I don’t see how it could be drawn that this is anything other than the Interviewee’s opinion of his deceased wife, and not an attack on anyone else.

Not sure that this is the right thread for this discussion either.

I agree with your premise, but I think you are reaching for outrage with your example.