Biased much?

There is so much bullshit posted on this board that is never locked, lynn, but of course since I posted it, *you must do something about it. *

I never claimed it to be true, and I didn’t think everyones panies would crawl up their butts like they did, so I saw no reason to go do an indepth search on it. GOOD GOD
I thought posting it here would give me feedback. Again, the reason it was posted in the pit, was because I knew this woild happen.

ANYWAY :rolleyes:

Well, I knew I would probably get a response like this, knowing how you guys work and all.

Oh, and dingbat (guinastasia, in case you didn’t think I was talking to you) I never said that Robin Williams was a Christian, did I? And if you were referring to me being unchristian, how is posting something you got in your e mail unchristian?
Get behind me satan. :rolleyes:

get a life, would you already.

Oh, and I apologize in advance for the spelling, I know someone will mention it. lol

Do you WANT to get banned?

THAT’S CALLED…well, there’s a name for it. Sheesh.

People who need a link, here you go:

What in the world are you talking about? So much that is never “locked”? What does that mean?

There was a poster, once Banned,
Whose glurge thread in the Pit was canned.
While she bitched and moaned,
The other posters groaned
– “We’re so sorry!”, they dead-panned.

so many chief not enough indian.

You are so incredibly stupid, Jersey.

YOU call yourself a Christian. So why are you agreeing with that e-mail? Unless of course, you disagreed with it, then I was wrong.

Good god, you’re a dumbass.

Anyone who posts an email chain-letter bucket o’ glurge without Snopesing it first deserves to have the thread locked. That ain’t discrimination; it’s self-defense against moronic clutter.

And, pray tell, if you “never claimed it to be true” then what the hell is it doing on a board dedicated to fighting ignorance to begin with? :rolleyes: Especially when you care so little about its accuracy that “I saw no reason to go do an indepth search on it.” Indepth? As Lynn Bodoni says, it took her a whopping five minutes to Snopes it, popup-slaying and all. Of course, she’s probably another one of us close-minded ideologues who think having bookmarked links to urban legend sites (and using them) is a really neat idea.

As for Guinastasia, what she said was:

If you could pull your head out of your anal sphincter long enough to think about it (you DO think now and then, don’t you?), you’d see she was referring to the glurge you quoted as UnChristian, not you, and not Robin Williams. :rolleyes:

I’d say more, but previewing this shows me that others have jumped in and expressed my feelings. Hats off from one limerick-lover to another, Jervoise!

sorry, I wasn’t thinking, that above post was racist and offensive to you guys, right? sorry

EddyTeddyFreddy, you are so smart and clever, thanks
If I sat at my computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I might be as smart as you, but my life will not let me do it. I can only dream.

Thanks, JD

I’m sensing a suicide-by-mod developing. Anyone else?

That computer comment was meant for you Guin, but you probably knew that.

Jersey, if you think you’re being clever, you’re not.

You don’t get WHY it’s racist and unChristian, do you?

Do you honestly think that Christ would have agreed with it? I certainly don’t.

You disgust me, and you are an evil being, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I for one would be a LOT happier if you didn’t call yourself a Christian.

I for one don’t give a rats ass what you think. :slight_smile:

and you should prove that to her Jersey by continuing to post and respond to everything she says.

Tht’s pretty obvious from the bulk of your posts, you dumb fuck. I’m ashamed to have once shared a state with you.

Wise move! If you did give a rat’s ass, your head might go along with it.

Sorry, sorry; I just couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys are crazy shakes head

I’d rather be crazy that be you, Jersey. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be such a miserable, bitter, spiteful, self-righteous, judgemental old hag.