Biased sports announcers are annoying.

Ever notice this? You’re watching a game of your favorite team (or, at least, a team that interests you), and you begin to notice something about the color guy. All his praise goes to the other team. All his poo-pooing is directed at your team.

Why do the networks hire such biased people? I realise that every game is carried in at least two markets. But, does that mean they can’t hire someone from outside that market to cover the games?

2nd and three for your guys, and they run an incredible play which ends in a score. Announcer: “Yeah, they really got lucky on that one.” 1st and 10 for them, and their running back gains three yards. Announcer:“An INCREDIBEL effort from a sure to be NFL star!”

What the fuck?

for the record, I can’t stand it the other way, either. we have a radio announcer who thinks the Sooners created God. Can’t bear to listen to him call games. (Big Bob Barry sucks yeti ass)

The play by play guy is usually quite nuetral. Why can’t the color guy be, too?

Fuckers. I’m getting a beer.

yeah, and the team i was rooting for won. So there.

Besides, the real game is later tonight. Oh shit, look at the time! It’s on now!

I especially liked Fox’s hiring of the brother of the Yankee’s third baseman to do commentary. This to add to a broadcast team that routinely sounds like they would like to fellate the ghost of Babe Ruth.

On the other hand, Al Leiter, pitcher for the Mets plays no favorites, and shows acuteness of the game that Tim McCarver used to be brilliant at.


You weren’t watching the Arkansas game by any chance were you? “Oh no!, Arkansas doesn’t get the onside kick…” “I hate to see a penalty come at such a crucial stage of the game” Yeah, because you should be allowed to cheat during the important parts of the game. :dubious: The constant talk about what “Arkansas needed after last week.” Hey, fuck them. We had three losses and they needed one more.

I’m used to being the hated team, but for the second time in two weeks we were the big underdogs pulling the road upset. You’d think we were running up the score when we pulled ahead.

So. did Madden ever achieve his goal of hot, sweaty mansex with Brett Favre?

I was watching OSU vs Texas Tech while waiting for the OU - Mizzou game.

Madden, tho insane, is, for the most part, fair. But not very sexy.

Randomly streaks through the thread wearing nothing but orange and blue paint.

I still love to watch the games, but Big Ten Football just isn’t quite right without Keith Jackson. :frowning:

Excellent work, Johnny Bravo.

And more…

His aural fellating is truly scrumpdicklickicious. Nothing like listening to an announcer talk about a player’s conditioning though. It’s like Sparta all over again. “Look at his arms!” Frank Gifford used to really get worked up. Now it’s Bill Curry.

By the way, we were lucky to beat Arkansas. Like nobody ever got a call in a crucial time to help them later win a football game (Ohio State). And, no, I am no Miami fan.


(hint: not green)


It’s odd being the underdog, isn’t it, Beagle?

I’m still having trouble getting used to it.

I have never understood the need for a color commentator. However, I’ve never understood a great many things about sports, starting with why anyone BOTHERS with pro sports. I’m only mildly interested in a game if someone I know is in it.

I’d just be proud he can recognize actual football players.

/bitter Kentucky fan

Arkansas fan checking in. Yes, I believe the announcers might have been a bit biased, but at least they don’t call bogus penalties.

Bua clearly hit the guy IN THE SHOULDER while he was IN BOUNDS. Yes, it was after throwing the ball, so perhaps a late hit call. But that wouldn’t nullify the interception, would it? I think the rule on that type of play is dubious. Something that happens AFTER the interception nullifies the interception? PFFFT!

Having said that, Bua was a complete dumbass and totally deserves rivers of derision that will be streaming down upon him for the rest of his days in Arkansas. They need a gulag for people like him and the Cubs fan who interfered…

Despite the foul ending, I do believe that was one of the most exciting comebacks EVAR!

I actually like homer anouncers. I like agreeing with them when they’re right. I like yelling when they’re wrong.

I like that they have an emotional investment in the outcome, rather than cool and detached shit.

But that’s just me.

Apparently you were watching a game being played on an alternate Earth, 'cause on the one that everyone else isw on, it was clear that he nailed him with a helmet to helmet hit.

And perhaps, a late hit call?


People like you are why I don’t go to sporting events any more.


On your last touchdown, watch what happens to DE Bobby McCray. He is the only guy responsible for keeping your QB from breaking contain. The line judge should be watching his blocker closely.

He is also the guy being held by your LT with both hands – you can see jersey coming back.

So, give back the touchdown and I’ll let your guy get away with a stupid head-hunting penalty that was a good call.

ah, you people are still to uncover the phenomenon of Andy Gray commentating for Sky Sports for a Manchester United game.

It’s like he has a milkbottle in his underpants at the mere hint of a Man U player on the ball.

He’s not as bad as Chick Young covering Rangers games, Twisty.

Maybe it’s just me, but I wish they’d drop whole stupid ‘unbiased’ and ‘won’t take a side’ crap.

It doesn’t work, and people notice.

I say, and have always said, that instead of the psuedo journalist crappola that they use now, that never works, they should instead pit one guy against another. For instance, in a Vikings versus Green Bay example, put a pro Vikings guy alongside a pro Green Bay guy. Have a third guy do color.

The two pro whoever guys would be bashing each other silly on bad calls, stupid play calling, whatever. The third guy basically says what’s happening and stays out of it. It’d be great, and a hell of a lot more like real life, where people TAKE SIDES.

The only problem I see is having each side represented fair. You’d always have one who was better than the other. But even then, I think it’d work itself out in the end.

Off to watch the Vikes!