Bible mentions Earth as a ring.

No he didn’t. He did not say that. He said things about relativity as a property of spacetime, but that does not and should not give you license to shoehorn ‘relative’ into any old bullshit sentence and attribute it to Einstein.

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No, he didn’t.

You and Gene Ray should definitely meet up. You have so much in common.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” - Albert Einstein

Which is not very similar to what you asserted. Relativity and uncertainty are two different things.

I don’t think that quote means what you think it means.

At least one with reading skills.

So, if someone disagrees with you it’s because they don’t have reading skills, or they are too wedded to some scientific group-think.

So I ask again, is there room in your world-view for your work to be treated with the same skepticism you expect others to have current scientific data?

You can’t disagree when you can’t read and don’t understand what you read.

Please prove the photographs from space are fake.

That doesn’t answer my question.

I’ve seen the diagrams you’ve link to, the ones that show the Earth as a ring and/or a disk, and I see that you’ve managed to save me the trouble of calling you the worst thing one can call another when it comes to science: You are an actual flat-earther. Because the amount of willful scientific ignorance needed to follow such childish claptrap is hard to attain in today’s world of the internet, most supposed “flat-earthers” are just going along with the joke, but you seem to be the real thing. You are self-mocking, and there is absolutely nothing I can add insult-wise that can top what you call yourself.

Let me see if understand you…

Countless scientists and engineers and doctors and various researchers around the world and through time, got it all WRONG, and you are the only one who is RIGHT.

May we know where your areas of training, education, expertise lie?

On what basis are you the authority?

He can read. Apparently those of us who are skeptical are so because we cannot read.

Yes, please. I want to see this too.

The horizon is flat and on eye level no matter what the height is. So called declination of the horizon is a lie. It does not exist.
Here’s the source, watch, read and then you can bluff happily. (captions and annotations)

first page of this: Discussion on visibility range.

Sometimes you can’t fight the ignorance. The best you can do is to slap a sign on its back as a warning to others and send it on its way.

I can’t watch Youtube videos from my current location, but I promise I will take a look later. I’ll thank you not to assume you already know my response.

What about photographs of the Earth taken from the moon? The Earth looks looks pretty curved in those

Wow. This is not even borderline insanity. It’s full on crazy.

On the one hand, we’ve got some guy you cited on the Internet. On the other, we’ve got airplanes and GPS. Having been in an airplane at 35,000 feet up (from which the curvature of the Earth is well-visible), I think I’ll go with science rather than internet crackpots.

Man - and I thought the “expanding Earth” crowd were obtuse.