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Over 1/3rd of the bible is prophecy. Its what separates it from all other books ever written.
The sad thing is the heathen today have secular proof that the Bible is 100% accurate and true. But today they all have been led to believe that the total opposite is true, and they never bother to TRULY look for themselves. I was guilty of this too for almost all my life.

The Bible is the only book ever written that foretold PRECISELY the events of the world Kingdoms and events to come. This is what separates the Bible from any other book in the history of mankind, just from a secular point of view.

  1. The Bible prophecies to us that the Medes and Cyrus The Great would overtake Babylon 150+ years before he was even born. It even NAMES Cyrus 150 years before he is even born. (Isaiah 45)

  2. The Bible prophecies the King of Greece (Alexander the Great) would overtake this Mede/Persian empire and build an even larger Word Empire. (Daniel 8)

  3. The Bible prophecies that Alexander would die at the peak of his powers and his Word Kingdom would be split into 4 parts. (Daniel 8)

  4. the Bible prophesied the details and wars that followed for centuries between the northern Kingdoms (north from Israel) and southern Kingdom of the Ptolemy’s following Alexanders death. (Daniel 11)

  5. The Bible prophecies specifically that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) and would be beaten and crucified 1000 years before he was even born. 800 years before crucifixion even existed. (Psalm 22) We are even told that Jesus would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver 400+ years before His birth (Zech 11:12-13)

  6. The Bible also prophecies much more detail on Jesus centuries before His birth, that He would be the seed of a woman, the line of Shem, the line of Abraham, the line of Issac, the line of Jacob, from the tribe of Judah, Family of Jesse and the House of King David. ALL proven true in Christs time. The Jews kept EXACT lineages and Christs was kept intact before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

  7. Daniel even pinpoints the exact number of years between the decree to rebuild the temple and the coming of the Messiah. Secular history PROVES this was right on the money. (Daniel 9:25) Many secularist have been converted after examining this single prophecy.

  8. The bible tells us Israel would be destroyed (Daniel 9:28) and the Jews would be scattered ALL across the face of the earth (Ezekiel 37 + Virtually every other prophet in the OT), and they they would return in 1948. A prophecy TO THE YEAR given 2500+ years ago. AND IT CAME TRUE IN 1948, JUST AS PROPHESIED. (Lev 26:18-24) & (Ezek 4:4-7)

  9. One of the MULTIPLE key details included in Israels return was the nation returning under ONE KING, and never again being divided into 2 kingdoms as they typically were in ancient times. Netanyaho is the ONLY KING of Israel today. (Ezek 37:15-22)

10 KEY prophecies fulfilled in 1948 :

Ezekiels 1948 prophecy :

I’ve heard that the Bible prophecies that the word “gullible” can’t be found in the dictionary.
BTW, none of your so-called “prophecies” say what you claim they say.

edited to add: And you are dead wrong about the Bible being “over 1/3 prophecy”. It’s not even close to that percentage.

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You never even bother to read it and check for yourself.

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How does a Christian rule out confirmation bias in his biblical prophecy?

Your first “prophecy” is really current events-books 40 through 55 of Isaiah were written around the start of his dynasty. BTW, part of the prophesy about Cyrus The Great was how he would become the Messiah and make Jerusalem the center of worldwide rule. How did that one turn out?

You need to actually look at the specific prophecies before you start asking questions about them.

Most key prophecies are things you simply can’t deny. Like the stunning return of the Jews to Israel and Jerusalem after 1900 years of exile.

You can’t deny Jesus was born in Bethlehem, or that he was betrayed, or that he was crucified, or that he buried with the rich, or that he rose form the dead, or claimed to take the sins of the whole world upon Himself.

All specifically prophesied in the OT. All accepted as fact today by the whole world.

No other human who ever lived could meet these criteria. The math is off the charts impossible.

Really? That’s all your own stuff?

Maybe you can explain why there’s at least three different authors credited in your links, then? Are you Grant Jeffrey? Or Brett Gillette? Or Don Stewart? Because that’s who those articles are credited to.

You are beyond confused.

No one said anything about Cyrus being a messiah.

Billy Ray is a GOD!!!


Calm yourself.

These are some of the most basic prophecies given in the bible , and have been being taught for many generations. Nothing here is new.

I just gave you these cliff notes and a few links to places that discuss it. There are countless links and vids out there discussing these prophecies.

There are thousands of scholars and prophecy teachers out there teaching this stuff. Just because its new to YOU doesn’t mean it new.

Can you prove that the books containing these prophecies were actually written in the time when the events they describe take place, and not centuries later, after the “prophecized” events had occurred?

If not, then isn’t it entirely possible that the author was simply describing events that had already happened by the time he was doing the writing?

Beg to differ.

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You sticking with the “over 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy” claim?

Please stop before you embarrass yourself

You clearly know NOTHING about any of this on even the most elementary level.