Bible trivia

How many verses are in the KJV and/or NIV Bible? (Not including the Apocrypha (sp?))

I can’t tell you exactly, but the estimate that I’ve read is c.66,000. The difference between the KJV and the NIV will be slight, because the different translations do not fiddle around with the alignment of the verses. There are some passages that the NIV omits that are included in the KJV, but that has to do with textual evidence and not translation.

So the short answer: c. 66,000.

For the King James Version, I get a count of 31,102 verses.

I went to The Unbound Bible, selected King James Version and Whole Bible from the drop-down boxed, then clicked on “SEARCH”. It took about 10 minutes, but it returned all the verses with a count at the top. You can use this to get counts for the other versions.