Biblical Editing and Adam's First Wife

With all the posts about biblical interpretations, many believing it to be literally true, nothing is said about the editors and publishers of the word of God. Although the Bible may be divinely inspired, scripture that made it in or got cut was a very human decision. Some books I wonder why they are there. Such as James; yes, he may have been Jesus’s brother but he was not a very inspiring letter writer. Or Revelations; a diary of a schizophrenic. Two actually readable Old Testament books, Tobit and Maccabees got cut by the Protestants. And of course, Catholic and some Protestant denominations talk about Jesus descending to purgatory before rising to heaven. Can’t find it in the Bible? It is in the Gospel of Nicodemus (or so I have heard). What about the Gospel of Thomas? The truth is that biblical editors added or deleted books and parts of books to serve political as well as theological purposes.

Now before y’all start preaching to me to take thyself to the flames of the BBQ Pit, there is an honest question. I just read that there was a woman in Adam’s life before Eve. Her name was Lillith, and her story was removed from Genesis about 800 A.D. I read it in an editorial section of a newspaper (Houston Chromicle) where there has been an ongoing debate about…you guessed it, biblical interpretation and creationism.

The writer says…”Lillith was created at the same time as Adam and as his equal. But apparently Lillith didn’t care for Adam much and left him, so Adam needed a second wife to ‘serve him.’” Lillith bore Cain and Abel’s wives.

I have strong opinions on religion, but this story is completely new to me. Any further information or opinions are welcome

This topic has “Great Debates” written all over it.

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