Biblical Q: Does Elisha = Elijah?

I swear there are two names in the Old Testament that are very close, or perhaps one is just a variation of the other? What do you know about Elisha vs. Elijah? Are they one and the same??? - Jinx

No, they are two different people. In fact, Elisha was one of the followers of Elijah and succeeded him as prophet when Elijah was taken up to heaven.

And when conspiracy theorists nudge you and go, “Oh, yeah? Well, you notice you never see them together, eh?”, just quote them I Kings 19:19

…and II Kings 2:2

And then y’all can go back to talking about the grassy knoll…

It’s like the difference between Emily and Emilia. Two names, we wouldn’t confuse them, but someone from Japane or Poland might.

But we would never confuse Japan with Japane.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the meanings are different as well.

I thought Elijah meant “God is Jehovah(Yahweh)” and Elisha meant “My God is Jehovah(Yahweh)”.

I could be wrong, but judging from the Hebrew spellings of the names, Elijah should mean “My G-d is [specific name of G-d],” while Elisha should mean “G-d is my salvation.”