Bicycle question.

I have a bike with foldable pedals that I’m going to need to put in a bike box so I can fly on an airplane with it. To fit it in the box, can I just fold the pedals up, or do I need to take them off?

AFAIK typical cardboard bike boxes are designed to be packed with the pedals completely off. Remember the left pedal is reverse threaded, so you turn it clockwise to loosen it.

I thought the whole point of foldable pedals was that you didn’t have to take them completely off when boxing the bike. Do they have some other reason for existence, then?

I use to work in a bike shop and have boxed up my share of bikes.

I think that you should be fine not taking off the pedals and just fold them up. There is usually some wiggle room in the hard plastic bike boxes you buy since not all bicycles are the same size.

If you ask your local bike shop for one of the cardboard bike boxes that new bikes come in, you can often get them for free. They also come in different sizes depending on what type of bike it contains. Take your pick.