Biden's choice for vice presidential candidate

Or 2028. I myself fully expect two terms out of Biden. But then, I’ve been a supporter from Day One.

I think that being a center-left politician from the American South is an excellent qualification – she had to learn to deal with Republicans. And her age is perfect.

However, Val Demings’s story, as daughter of a janitor who want to a Jim Crow elementary school, is more inspiring. And looking at YouTubes, Demings has a plain folks spark, while Bottoms talks like a perfectly normal, highly intelligent – politician.

I realize that some here are more looking for someone to put Mike Pence in his place at the debate. But that’s not what wins elections. If anything, it’s what inspires shy Trumpers to risk their lives by going to vote. I also realize that Val’s police background, while reassuring to a swing voter like myself, is a turnoff for many here.

Plus, races tend to tighten as the election nears, and, in that case, Florida may be essential for Biden.

My head says – Susan Rice. My heart says Val Demings.

But the more likely choice of Harris will probably be fine.


An embarrassment of riches?

Well, Biden says that four black women are on his VP list. No surprises on it {Harris, Rice, Demings, Lance-Bottoms), except that Abrams seem to still be under consideration as a fifth possibility.

ETA: this doesn’t mean that someone like Duckworth is no longer under consideration.

At this point if he does not pick a black woman there will be a large uproar from the left.

The backlash against the leftist tyranny has begun. Voters do not agree that every ticket must have a protected class candidate… I think if Biden picks a woman, Trump will beat her again.

The voters have been fully aware for months that Biden will pick a woman, yet the polls show him with a commanding lead. I find it hard to believe that seeing this promise kept is going to drive voters away from him.

I wonder if, in a perverse way, Hillary’s loss might redound to the favor of future women candidates. Will people realize, “This is what misogyny got us!”?

As low as my opinion is as to the rationality and intelligence of the US electorate, I can imagine that at least SOME knuckledraggers will come to appreciate that minimal competence is at least as important as the possession of a penis.

Add Susan Rice to the list, eh.

Search says her name’s been mentioned nine times already.

Yep, pretty sure I mentioned her as one of my preferred choices fairly recently.

I think it’ll come down to what’s lurking in the backgrounds of each potential veep candidate. There are no obvious choices. What some add to the ticket in terms of progressive bona fides, they might subtract in terms of not having experience or perhaps not really having compatibility with Biden. I think Joe wants someone who has some actual experience in Washington, which rules out someone like Abrams, who would give the ticket a jolt in terms of her popularity with progressives and African Americans, but would be a major question mark in terms of wooing more moderate voters.

Susan Rice, OTOH, just seems like the kind of selection who’s going to scare away progressives who have any kind of reservations about Biden already.

Biden is probably under considerable pressure to choice an African American woman because of his assistance from Jim Clyburn early in the campaign.

What’s the problem with Rice for left wingers? She worked for Obama.

Obama was a problem for a lot of progressives who felt let down when he turned out to be the establishment liberal he had always been, rather than the progressive idealist they had hoped for.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the very good. A perfect liberal is not likely to ever win an election for prez in the US

And Obama is still very popular among the vast majority of Dems. Once he starts cutting TV and radio ads for Biden and his running mate, and making personal appearances for them (COVID-19 permitting, of course), it could make a big difference in some battleground states.

As long as Biden’s numbers stay like they are I doubt BHJ will self-deploy until Sept/Oct.

BHJ? whodat?

Obama already cut a video with Biden.

And BHJ? Don’t you remember Basketball Hardcourt Jones?

Considering his VP choice is likely to be President if he wins I’d go with Susan Rice, Downside is she is same ole same ole, but she just might give the US some stability is so dearly needed. Any of the others I’d have serious concerns about the experience and personality. I like Keisha Lance Bottoms a lot except on experience, that said she is so much better so much more presidential than Stacy Abrams.