Biden's choice for vice presidential candidate

ARRRRGH! So confused on who it “should” be may not be the best way of looking at this. I’m with Rice, Abrams, Warren and Harris. But it should be someone who can talk circles around Pence about foreign policy. I’m really confident his cabinet and secretaries will be picked well. Still, VP this time has to fit the part due to Biden’s age, IMO.

The most important quality needed in the VP candidate this season is experience. Someone whose presence is reassuring to the electorate in the quite possible scenario of Biden becoming incapacitated in some way. Out of all the candidates mentioned, Biden must know Susan Rice far better than the others. They worked together in the White House for years. If he’s comfortable with her and they have even just a decent rapport, I expect her to get the nod. If not, one of the others with the most federal experience.

What’s the point of having a true progressive in the VP slot? The VP is mostly powerless and doesn’t set the agenda. As a sop to Bernie fans? A progressive VP is a progressive who attends a lot of funerals.

Rice would be my top choice of those seemingly on the short list. Val Demings a close second.

On the off chance that VP pick is someone who has flown under the radar I’ll reiterate a pick I made long ago… Linda Sánchez (D-CA).

The VP is pretty likely to be a strong prez candidate at some point, so a progressive there is a pretty big deal.

Abrams said nobody has talked to her so she’s not on the list and never was on the list.

Scientology is a cult like the cult of Trump

In a recent 538 podcast, they mentioned that the VP
nominee’s home state tends to matter only If the state is small (i.e., Palin’s Alaska) AND a swing state (i.e., Kaine’s Virginia) — so, it rarely makes a difference, probably (neither Palin nor Kaine, e.g.).

It matters to some voters for other reasons, of course (ideology, priorities, ability to make sensible decisions, can the person take over the big job if needed), but hardly at all for the geography.

Well, I just want to say that, even though I was originally hoping for Warren, I’d be pleased with any of these finalists.

So I’m feeling confidence in… well, I guess it’s “Biden’s first Presidential decision”.

I personally hope it’s Rice. She would check several boxes but the most important of these boxes is that she’s extremely qualified. She’s not a Bernie supporter, but serving in the Obama administration and being an African American ought to put some of Biden’s critics at ease.

I think Warren’s a bit too old to be veep. In another time, her age wouldn’t be a factor, but it absolutely is when the main guy is 78 and we’re in the middle of a pandemic that kills older folks.

I think my biggest issue with Harris is just I don’t want anyone who started in law enforcement in any way. I’m beginning to worry that US police are practically like Jannisseries: security forces that sees itself as autonomous and with it’s own political goals. The power of the police needs to be curtailed and I am uncomfortable with anyone who was entangled with that system for any period of time.

I agree with you on Harris, but I like Deming and she’s got an extensive law enforcement background too. She seems to be more critical of law enforcement than Harris is, but I’m afraid I’m biased against Harris, having already since her dance on stage. I’ve heard her be mealy-mouthed on stuff. The media has highlighted the “tough on crime” reputation she’s cultivated over the years. Her wrongful conviction cases are also hard for me to ignore. Deming reads good on paper and sounds good on MSNBC, but I’ve never seen her defend her positions in real time, under the spotlights. She might have embarrassing skeletons too, but right now I don’t know about them.

Read a couple things in today’s paper that kinda concerned me:

  1. Bass has no interest in running for Pres
  2. Biden’s team doesn’t want anyone who will be a threat to him in 24.

I HOPE Biden intends to be a single term president, serving to help the country recover from Trump, and help mentor/assist the next wave of younger Dem leaders.

I wouldn’t MIND Harris as Veep, but I think she’d be a better AG. If Biden wins, I want his team to go young and diverse.

A Politico profile praising Bass as a low-key problem solver:

Well, I wouldn’t hold it against Edwards, what with him being from North Carolina and all.

Explaining Bass’s many trips to Castro’s Cuba since her youth will not be helpful to the Biden campaign:

Oops, you got me. Yes, Edwards is from NC; my bad. But Bush won NC too, so my point still stands.

I have the same objection to Demmings, honestly. I could be convinced, but it would take a lot. I struggle to believe anyone could have been in a position of authority in a PD for so long and not make compromises or be oblivious to things I would consider unacceptable in a president.

The chance of a Veep running against the person who picked them 4 years before is tiny.

Karen Bass addresses her Scientology remarks.

“Ten years ago, I attended a new building opening in my district and spoke to what I think all of us believe in — respect for another’s views, to treat all people with respect, and to fight oppression wherever we find it,” Bass said in the statement posted to Twitter.

“I found an area of agreement in their beliefs — where all people, of whatever race, or creed are created with equal rights, which is what my remarks were about,” she added.

Bass said that “since then, published first-hand accounts in books, interviews and documentaries have exposed this group. Everyone is now aware of the allegations against Scientology.”

Of course they don’t. Regardless of whether Biden himself is interested in a second term, his advisers, consultants and various hangers on have a career interest in keeping him in the Oval Office as long as possible.

And it’s a stretch to think that a politically ambitious VP will be a threat to him. First off, ALL of the names mentioned so far are politically ambitious — you simply don’t get to the stations they have achieved without being so. And any VP who does want to get the top job should be busting her ass to make the Biden administration successful. It would be very difficult for her to separate herself from Biden’s record and build a case for why she should replace him if he ran again.

Only once since the 12th Amendment was adopted has a VP challenged a sitting President for re-election. Jack Garner sought the Democratic nomination against FDR in 1940. He failed because he couldn’t really point to any differences on policy but argued that FDR shouldn’t be seeking a third term.

I don’t support Bass based on what I’ve seen. I was once sure that I supported Harris, but enough people who are closer to her, from voters in CA who’ve followed her career or people within the party who’ve encountered her up close, apparently have some serious reservations for whatever reason - I’ll trust their instincts.

Biden is the safe candidate and he’s been successful as just that. The safe guy. The trusted guy. No, he doesn’t light our hearts afire, but the nightmare ought to make one thing clear: we’ve been dangerously naive about people who excite us. We need to stop looking at people with entertainment or photogenic value and instead go with reliability and credibility.

For that reason, I hope it’s Susan Rice. I hope it’s someone who’s seasoned and tested. The entire ticket needs to express an openness to boldly progressive ideas, but the people themselves have to be rock solid, steady, and sound in judgment and character.

Better yet, put her on the Supreme Court. She’ll likely be there for a while if she can get through the nomination process.