Biefield-Brown Effect ("antigravity")--What's really happening?

I recently started coming across sites devoted to “lifters”–experimental aircraft that utilize the Biefield-Brown effect to generate lift. (There was even a widely circulated news story recently about some H.S. students in the Midwest who were creating a lifter as a science fair experiment.)

Here’s a great site, with lots of video:

What, exactly, is happening? Detractors say that the lift is the result of an “ionic wind”–whatever the heck that means. Proponents have since conducted lifter flights in lab vacuums, which, they say, proves that “ionic wind” is not a factor.

What does any of this mean? How are these widely replicated devices flying? And what in the world is “ionic wind”?

[Footnote: These things look way cool. If the necessary E.E. experience threshold–and the voltages–were lower, I’d be pulling out the balsa wood and tinfoil to create one myself.]

This has been discussed at least twice in GQ already. Do a search for “lifters”.

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I have seen several claims that they work in a vacuum as well. What I have not seen is documentation of any kind that this is true. Before I give up on the ion wind effect, I want to see solid documentation of these type devices working in a vacuum chamber.

Also, I want to know just how hard a vacuum the chamber is pumped down to. I would not be surprised to find the lifter works better as the atmospheric pressure was reduced, to a point.

re: vacuum

here’s some more dope on the vacuum tests:

Sounds like it’s all being done in good faith, at least. Wait and see.

Also, Dr. Rusek himself (no mention of the lifters…):