I had Lasic surgery 15 years ago and it was fantastic. 7-8 years later I began to need reading glasses which I understand is normal. In the last few years my general vision has gotten bad enough to consider having Lasic redone.

Since I’m now used to glasses again for a large part of my day I’m thinking that bifocals might be something to consider.

I assume that even after a successful Lasic touch-up I would still need reading glasses. Basically I see bifocals as enhanced reading glasses.

Thoughts anyone?

I had PRK about eight-nine years back and chose “perfect” correction, none of this monovision crap for close vision etc. My vision stabilized after about six month and other than very slight astigmatism, I did indeed have perfect distance vision - if it was three or four feet from me, I could read microtype. Not bad for someone whose contact lenses weighed six pounds each… :slight_smile:

But this far on my vision has lost that edge and I typically wear my glasses for almost everything outside of the house. My regulars and my driving sunglasses are both vari-focal, which is an unbelievable luxury - I have razor-sharp driving vision and can read the dashboard and nav without any effort.

I think the tradeoff for the best correction possible, and accept that you’d need readers even if you’d started with 20/20 vision, is the right one. Chances are even a monovision correction is going to need cheaters (custom ones, expensive) in the usual age range.

So yeah, get yourself some nice glasses with invisible 'focals and make sure they’re well-fitted. (I had an updated pair sit too high on my nose and had all those annoying old-fart problems of not quite being able to get the right vision on the right thing - if they get the measurements and the balance correct, you’ll never notice the change in prescription unless you try to.) If you drive a lot or are outdoorsy, a nice pair of sunglasses with the same correction will be a joy. (Mine are Ray-Ban frames and “nobody knows for sure.” :smiley: )

There is multifocal lasik

But 1. I dont know if it can be done, if you were badly myopic, then you might not be able to reduce the lasik correction …
2.since you are only in the early stages, your presbyopia will get worse…

One problem with the multifocals (bi or tri or multi/smoothed transition type) is that your long distance vision is up on the lenses, so you can see street signs… but this makes you bend your head forward to walk or drive. If you already have your head leaning forward, its alright, but its better to not get in the habit/condition… If your presbyopia is very bad, then you need the multi-focals to be able to read the dashboard AND see the road ahead…
Also you might not be able to use the multifocals for extended computer time, since you would be tempted to not move your head, neck strain issues, which then becomes eye strain, since you are looking at the top of the screen through the long distance part of the lense.

But you may be the person who wants to change what they are doing often, eg because you are working in a large building, or any time you are often looking long distances as well as short, and so on and that would be annoying to have to change specs, and you are exercising your neck lots and keeping the muscles strong and ligaments healthy …

I tried them once, and had that problem, as well as the converse problem, having to bend my neck way back in order to read. Extremely uncomfortable.

Now, I have to haul around three sets of glasses: driving, reading, and in-between for the computer. Bothersome, but at least not brutally uncomfortable, as bifocals were.

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