Big Bang 2/10 "The Benefactor Factor"

So I’m pretty much a Lennyshipper, and I was pleased when, a few episodes ago, the “Truth or Dare” game ended with Penny leaving, upset by (and unwilling to answer) what she’d do if another girl figured out what a great guy Leonard was.

Similarly, I liked Penny’s reaction to the costume party with Zack on New Years’ Eve at the comic book store.

So this episode was a disappointment, because Penny’s reaction when Leonard comes back from the “walk of shame” having slept with the wealthy donor was not in the least discomfited. On the contrary, she seemed genuinely amused and not in the least bit upset.

Rats. Did I miss a memo?

Not sure about a memo, but you missed the thread that’s already up.

I’m going to go over to that thread to post my defense of Penny’s complacent attitude. That will have the added benefit of bumping it. :wink:

Duplicate thread closed at request of OP.