Big Bang Theory 12/7--The Gorilla Experiment

Man, this show just keeps getting better and better. I love Bernadette and Wolowitz. I identified with Sheldon trying to teach Penny physics. Sometimes people seem so slow to me and I have to tell myself–it’s me, not them.

Bernadette is hot. I love that character, so smart yet so unable to grasp humor. Sadly, Raj has very little to do and his character really could be eliminated.

I hope they never show Wolowitz’s mother, but if they do, please let them cast Doris Roberts.

Geeks with no social skills are funny until the “oh, wait, that’s me” moment in each episode. Click on my profile and look at the “Location:” field.


That said, I could have taught basic Physics a whole lot better than Sheldon.

At least English is his first language, unlike many/most Physics TAs I was saddled with. And I’m glad that his Intro to Mechanics lesson was correct. Even the stuff on the whiteboard looked good.

I bet if they ever do show her, they pull a Radar O’Reilly and cast Simon Helberg.

I love that Sheldon respects his field so much that he cannot answer the question ‘what does Leonard do?’ without requiring the asker to have a complete understanding of physics.

“He’s trying to figure out why subatomic particles move like they do.”
“That doesn’t sound so hard.”
“That’s why Leonard does it.”

He is going back to India for cousin Sanjay’s wedding to get in good with Lakshmi before she loses weight and gets her confidence back. At the risk of this show tuning into a nerdy version of Friends there are a lot of possibilities if girlfriends are thrown into the mix.

Awesome episode. I could’ve listened to Sheldon go on about physics with Penny in the room all day. I was stymied though, when Sheldon wrote on the white board that they were going to learn everything from the ancient Greeks to Newton to Bohr to (I forget the last one). How could he not put Einstein in between Newton and Bohr as a mile marker? I was pleased though when I saw “Einstein / Special Relativity” on the board margin during his explanation of classical mechanics.

I agree that Howard and Bernadette are a lot of fun. And that Penny is becoming so ingrained in their group, she’s practically one of the guys anytime a newcomer comes into the picture.

The hell you say! I luvs me some Raj. I’m going to be watching you from now on, sir. :slight_smile:

The writers need to find a good way for Raj to overcome his inability to speak in front of women, at least in some way. I love Raj and Kunal Nayyar and don’t want to see him go, but now that Penny and Bernadette are always around, he never talks. Or they need more guys-only time on the show so he can talk. Raj gets some great lines and it’s a bit sad he hasn’t been speaking much lately.

The opening line to all my lectures from now on … "It’s a warm summer evening in ancient Greece". It means take out your notebooks, listen intently, ask questions but first raise your hand, and prepare for the testssss that will follow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, time for Raj’s issue to go by the wayside. At least have him sipping on a beer every time he’s in the apartment.

The writers seemed to get Sheldon’s Physics correct, but even I’m not sure what he was driving at when he showed Penny that mg=ma.

Is Penny still an aspiring actress; has she done anything actressy lately? And why is someone like Bernadette working at the Cheesecake Factory?

That the speed (OK, acceleration) of a falling object is not dependent on it’s mass?

I too thought that this was a fun episode. I enjoyed the open scene where Penny explained the reasoning behind Sheldon’s seat. I thought that Penny was very cute wanting to learn physics to talk to Leonard and I also think that Bernadette is hot. And since I am already a me too post - I too think that it is time for Raj to get over his problem.

I thought he wanted Penny to say a=g and g is a constant.

I thought it was an amazing exploration of compatibility. Intellectually one would think that Bernadette was far mroe suitable for Leonard; yet clearly they can barely hold a conversation. I kept waiting for Penny to notice how awkward Bernadette was with Leaonard, and gain the confidence that she was socially much better suited for him.

Maybe that’s coming in another episode. But anyway, I thought the whole thing was brilliant.

I’m looking forward to more of the Raj/Sheldon work dynamic.

Obviously, putting Penny and Sheldon together is always going to be funny. But I think they’re doing it too often. The standard formula seems to be to find a way for those two to be alone and driving each other nuts, and then have the rest of the cast somewhere else doing the B-plot. I rather liked the opening, just because they had everyone there at once.

I love the finale, with Penny spouting a few lines of memorized jargon that was a put down of Leonard. When I was in graduate school in mathematics, a few of us taught our wives a theorem to repeat from memory. So this bit cracked me up totally.