Big BOOM in Baghdad

About one minute ago, 12.40 am our time. Sounded like a car bomb to me, but I could be wrong.

You heard it here first folks.

Although sometimes we’ll here explosions and not see anything about it in the media the next day, very disapointing.

Pardon my ignorance… you’re with our Armed Forces there?

I’m not with the military, I’m just an aid worker who’s AC is out and can’t get to sleep.

It’s not unusual to hear explosions, sometimes it’s unexploded ordinance deliberately set off, but they try to do that on the hour and half hour.

Some helicopters have scrambled to check it out.

A day doesn’t go by without hearing explosions but this one sounded larger than most and I wanted to be the first to post about it and like I said, my AC is out and I can’t sleep.