Big Boys and Thier toys

My husband talked me into indulging his latest toy fix. Aren’t I a nice wife ;). He’s very fickle when it comes to cars and hobbies so I do my best to indulge his reasonable requests. He bought a saab 900 turbo convertible. And he bought it for next to nothing which was nice. It’s a 1987 but very well maintained and needed virtually no work to be drivable other than minimal cosmetic stuff. But needless to say he’s a giddy boy at the moment. It’s diablo red with a black top and tan leather interior so it’s not a bad looking toy. He’s a little young to call this a midlife crisis so lord help me at that time. Anyone else have a boy like mine that loves toys like he does? I guess all the patience will pay off when I get my jaguar ;).

We’ve been through 2 Corvettes and we’re on the second motorcycle. Definitely all in the toy category as opposed to practical, like the boats.


You girls just don’t understand the allure of, say, a '70 Hemi 'Cuda. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with if6was9. Old hemi’s. Man oh man.

70 somthing 4x4 tractor. Need a new one.

'76 Yamaha 650… Working on it. Its road worthy but not by much. Cost $200.

LOTS of tools.

Found a new use for the compresser I bought this summer. Dusting. Seriously. We have a hallway with lots of pictures hanging up.

It’s a bitch to dust. But… Hmmm. I have 100 feet of hose for the compressor. Hmmmm.

Works like a charm.

I’m slowly turning into Tim Allen.

My father just bought a Lotus Esprit. He already owns a Lotus Europa. I think he’s starting a collection.

At least he freely admits it’s a midlife crisis thing (he turns 50 in February).

Oh he’s got the tractor covered too. He bought a 1965 wheel horse with a snow thrower on it for the winter. He can’t drive a normal tractor because he’s freakin huge. He’s 7’2" and 315 pounds so he’s a one of a kind and hell to shop for. He also tells me this is a “classic” tractor. My son on the other hand is excited over a $7.00 Bionicle so I guess it balances out. :slight_smile:

I have a 66 GTO and with is just about done, I have been eyeing another project. It definetly will not need new quarters and a trunk floor like the 66. I have decided my next car will be a convertible. I am eyeing a 65 Ford Falcon but the price is a little steep.

I have never known anyone to get excited about a Saab.