Big Brother 8/24

So, Adria saves herself? Miss bible thumper has the chance to sacrafice herself and save her own flesh-and-blood twin and still makes the selfish call (pretty sneaky sis).
And the nerve of them to try to go bully people into saving them, “Hey, if I pick you for the veto competition and you win your going to use it on me right! right!
Say yes! Say yes!”

So Nakomis has to put up another and wisely chooses Cowboy. The only guy dumb enough to try to save Natalie. Nakomis is the smart cookie.
Nakomis needed 3 of the 5 to vote out Natalie.
Adria- 10 to 0 odds she’ll vote out Cowboy.
Karen- 9 to 1 odds she’ll vote out Natalie.
Diane- 6 to 4 odds she’ll vote out Natalie (she’s expressed some hate for cowboy earlier and knows the twins may keep her safe versus the others however she’s pretty safe voting out Natalie to keep on good terms with everyone else.)
Drew- 8 to 2 odds he’ll vote out Natalie (pretty sure he’ll take her out but he seems sometimes confused)
Marvin- 9 to 1 odds he’ll vote out Natalie (He now has a hate for the twins but I don’t think he shared it much with the others to keep himself neutral.)

So two of the Karen, Diane, Drew, Marvin voters would have to break the odds in order to save Natalie. I don’t think it’s going to happen.
Bye, Natalie.

I am getting tired of Karen’s under-the-radar approach and hope whoever gets HOH this week nominates her.

I think you’re right about most of the voting, but Drew is hard to figure because he’s passive-aggressive. You can’t really go by what he says to anyone because he’s just trying to avoid confrontation with his head nodding “uh-huhs” and his please-don’t-hit-me glued-on facial expression. Somewhere deep down inside, he’s already decided what he will do, but he’ll be sneaky about it. I think we get the best glimpses of him in the Diary Room, where he most feels like he’s talking to himself.