Big Brother 8/26 - Marvin's the Man!

I was surprised but pleased that Marvin was the viewers’ choice for the Y&R gig, but wasn’t he good? I am liking him more and more. . . except for the new hair design.

With Natalie gone, does Adria have any allies? (I hope not. She is even more annoying than Jase or Holly, I think.) And with Marvin as new HOH, isn’t she a sure bet to be on the block Tuesday? I wonder who else he’ll put up? This is a toughie! Maybe he’ll put up Cowboy again as a pawn to ensure that Adria joins her sister and Will (What a combo!!) in the Jury House.

Anyone? Anyone?

I’m beginning to really like Marvin, too. For one, he’s hilarious. The “Barbecue Pitt” joke had me rolling last night. I think the fact that he is so entertaining has helped to keep him in the house. He’s their comic relief. I was so happy for him when he got to go on Y&R. I loved it Tuesday night when he and Cowboy were practicing or auditioning or whatever they were doing. I also thought it was funny when Cowboy commented that he thought Y&R could use a handsome cowboy such as himself.
I hope Adria is soon to follow her sister out the door. I really liked Will, and was sad to see him go. The twins have to pay!

Marvin plays for Marvin and has never made promises to anyone.
Whomever he puts up it will be for strategic reasons and not for any type of hate or revenege.
For strategic reasons I think Cowboy and Karen will be safe. I could almost put Adria on the safe list too since she is a lone player now.
He’s going to have to break up the Nakomis-Karen-Diane team and he knows Nakomis is a shrewd player. I would bet he puts Nakomis up based on she’s part of the last alliance and the smartest player of the three.
I could also see him putting up Diane which would also break up the three and break up any Drew-Diane thing going on.
So my picks would be Nakomis and Diane.