Big Brother

You just got to love them. Thanks for being there for me all my life bro. :slight_smile:

My big brother stole from our business, posted nude pictures of my wife on the internet, shaved a full-body mohawk on my dog and painted it blaze-orange, sold my car in Mexico for some jumping beans, kicked me square in the nuts, and volunteered my house for a meeting of Kleptomaniacs Anonymous.

Thanks for being there, bro. :smiley:

Growing up, I always wished that I had a big brother. My husband has two, so now I have two big brothers-in-law. They’re awesome. So, I get to have the cool big brothers without having had to deal with all the teasing and fighting as kids. (I had enough of that with my sister).

Three older sisters… Three. Older. Sisters.


I am Big Brother. I drove my kid brother across the country when he moved to LA. It was great. :slight_smile:

I talk to my older brother over the Intenet almost every day, and he lurks here in the shadows of the SDMB.

My big bro is one of the coolest people I know. He wrestles in the AWO under the name “Griz” and can whoop anyone in a hardcore match. (He practiced most of his wrestling moves on me while growing up, before he realized you weren’t really supposed to hurt your opponent.)

I’ve got two big step-brothers… One, I’m not close to at all, but that’s not unusual… he’s not close to any of us in the family, really. The other is the older, male image of me in a lot of ways. He’s the one that (still) threatens my boyfriends when I bring them home to meet him, who tries to play mediator between my step-mom and I, who listens to all my problems and is there for a hug when I need it. He may not have been in my life for the first 13 years I was growing up, but he more than made up for it in the last 14. I love you, big brother!

[sub]I seem to be stuck on sap lately. Someone hit me, please???!! :slight_smile: [/sub]

I have the two best big brothers in the whole world. Really.