Big damn heroes! A tale of alarums and excursions

The weirdest movie-ish thing happened to me last night! I was going down to the ghetto to pick my boyfriend up, and his street, the block in front of his house, has train tracks turn onto it to run down the middle, you know, graded a few feet above the road and between the two lanes. At the corner there’s a girl who somehow (undoubtedly through some amazingly boneheaded move) has gotten her front wheel stuck on the tracks, not where they’re street level and drive-over-able, but where they’re real train tracks. So I drove down to the BF’s and started down there to see if she was okay and tell her, if she didn’t know, that these are really active tracks and she should definately not leave her car there, offer to call somebody, whatever. And I was kinda considering not going down there anyway, because a guy from further down the road had come up to help her, too.

Well, then the signal went on. :eek: When I say “active track”, I mean there’s a blind curve a short block from this intersection and that freight trains thunder through every few hours, and at night they go very fast. Girl is still in her car.

So, I ran down the embankment to get my boyfriend and his roomates, we haul ass down the street, we girls tried to wave the train down, the guys started pushing, and somehow the train stopped and they got the car off the tracks. (With girl. Did she think she needed to steer to “anywhere but in front of an oncoming freight train”?) Recall, the tracks are covered in those big cinder things, which make it damned hard to get a footing to push from, and the street is like a minefield with them and not at all safe to run on. The train stopped maybe thirty feet from the car; if it had been one of those fast ones, later at night, there’s no way he could have stopped. No idea if he’d have seen the car without us or not - her lights were on, but she was across the track and I don’t know how visible that sort of thing is from the train. Oh, and her front tire was flat, for extra fun.

Scared the living crap out of me. I’d like very much never, ever, ever to have to go into the hero business. How the hell do firemen and EMTs and police and people like that do this all the time? It sucks! I mean, I get a little nervous when I see an oncoming train that doesn’t have a car stuck in front of it, just because of how scary they are. I can’t believe there are really people who decide, “Yeah, I’ll run into burning buildings - not just if I happen to see one, but as a job. In fact, if you’ve got a burning building, give me a call and I’ll run into it.”

So, anyway, thank you, actual heroes who choose to do it for a living, because we all figured out last night that we’re definately not cut out for the job. :slight_smile:

Just remember this advice: NO CAPES! :smiley:

Pretty cool story! Thanks for sharing it with us - and way to go! :slight_smile:

I am ashamed to mention this, but a very similar thing happened to me, only it was one of my back wheels instead of one of my front wheels. I was driving very fast away from the home of some guy I’d agreed to give a ride home to, because he was really creepy and I was so glad to be away from him, and I just completely missed the ramp-type thing that led me over the tracks. Bent the rim of my back tire & everything.

I had to go back to creepy-guy’s house (I didn’t have a cell phone) so I could get some help. He insisted he would be able to lift the car off the tracks (“It’s just a Ford Escort – Pony even – it’ll be easy!”) and I must admit it was funny watching him try. But obviously it didn’t work and we ended up calling a tow truck to move the car into a nearby parking lot until I could get a replacement rim & tire.

And then, because nobody was answering their phones (it was about 1am) I had to stay the night at creepy-guy’s house. Every half-hour or so he asked me for a hand job. :rolleyes: shudder I think it was 14 hours before I found someone to pick me up from there, and the whole time I was silently wishing I had been trapped in the car & struck by a train or something, anything but endure this jerk’s advances for another moment. Ugh.

It took me a week to find a place that sold a replacement rim for my car. But the worst part is, you see, when the guy with the tow truck had come he offered to change over the tire for $30 if I had a spare, but I didn’t have a spare because I’d had a flat recently & my mom had told me that there was no spare, and I believed her. So I’m out putting a new tire & rim on the car and after it’s all attached my friend goes to put the old bent one in the trunk, until we can throw it out, and finds …

… that I really did have a spare tire after all! :mad: What ended up costing me over $150 and 14 hours of sexual harrassment could have been fixed for a mere $30 … sigh

At least I didn’t really get hit by a train.

Eww, what a horrible story! You would probably have been better off if your car had been hit, at least the cops might have given you a ride home and you’d have seen a cool spark-and-light show!

That is just foul. How could he possibly justify the **second ** time in his head?? Boys can be nasty.
Now, what would be funny is if you were trying to sleep in another room and he kept at it, like a little kid asking for a glass of water.

Like in those sitcoms where somebody gets sick and they give him a bell? :slight_smile:

Superwoman can’t be Zsofia! Zsofia wears glasses!

In all seriousness, thank God for people like you. Good job, mate. salutes :slight_smile:

Zsofia only wears glasses to drive at night. Sneaky, eh?