big dictionary questions

it’s time to replace the home dictionary (World book encyclopedia copyright 1963, a little out of date), I am looking for suggestions.


Here at the puzzle factory, every editor has a copy of the Random House unabridged on his or her desk.

If you can afford it, get the Oxford English Dictionary. Overkill, I know, but it is an amazing resouce.

The American Heritage Dictionary used to be the best desk dictionary, as long as you got the edition with the PIE roots in the appendix. Not sure if it’s still available, though.

I’m pretty sure the American Heritage 4th ed. has the Indo-European appendix, Chuck.

Be aware, unclviny, that while the above recommendation for an *OED[/] is excellent advice, the OED is not a average user’s dictionary. It is a serious historical-research dictionary designed to be authoritative and exhaustive not to be easy to use.

Here at the book factory we use Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

I have the AHD that RealityChuck mentioned, and I’d recommend it highly. If you do go out shopping for it, thought, be sure that when come back, bring PIE.