Big earthquake in Japan

Our apartment started rocking back and forth for about a minute at so I turned on the news to see who got hit. Apparently it was a 6+ in Ishikawa Prefecture on the Japan Sea at 9:42. It was only a 2 in Tokyo and a 3 in Kyoto.

No word yet on what the magnitude was.

All the other J-Dopers doing ok?

Update: magnitude 7.1, centered just off the coast of Ishikawa.

whoa! that’s a big shake.

6.2 according to USGS

There’s also just been a 7.3 at Vanuatu

Reuters reports 7.1

Yeah, though I have to say we got out of bed somewhat, uh… abruptly this morning. So much for our plans to stay in bed late. It was around 3 on the seismic intensity scale around here.

Didn’t feel it here in Kyoto.

I don’t think I noticed it. Most likely I was asleep. (Tokyo)

My girlfriend and everyone else I know in Japan is OK. According to the latest report I’ve read, the quake caused 1 death and 40 injuries. The damage to property is probably astronomical, but so far the loss of life seems minimal thank God.

To those worried about loved ones, the northern coast of Ishigawa-ken, the red part of the picture from this article, is where all the major damage is.

I hope everyone is safe :frowning:

From what the news says, 1 person has died and around 137 are injured. The woman who died was crushed by a statue in her garden. :frowning:

That’s probably an overstatement. Noto peninsula is not very densely populated (thank god). From what I last read about 100 houses are either totally or partially down. Considering that, it’s almost a miracle that there aren’t more deaths. The same earthquake, hitting closer to a major urban center would have caused astronomical damage. The Kobe earthquake had a magnitude of 7.2.

The woman who died wasn’t crushed by a statue, but, more accurately, a stone lantern. That’s unbelievably and tragically unlucky.