Big Important Question About Tequila

In the Grand Scheme of things, tequila-wise, what’s the difference between reposado and anejo? Blanco? I expect that the anejo stuff is aged a bit longer based soley on my observation that it tends to be pricier.

Thanks, BP

I haven’t been into the reposado. “solely” still has two Ls. Sorry.

My tequila books are home, so I’m going from memory here. Hopefully someone will come along to correct me if needed.

Blanco: Stored in stainless steel containers for a maximum of 3 months before bottling.

Reposado: Stored (aged) in oak from 3 months to no longer than one year

Anejo: Aged in oak for more than 1 year.

If you’re interested in learning more about tequila, I recommend this book. Very informative.

Y’know, after that fourth shot, that second ‘l’ just kinda melts into the ‘y.’

lightingtool pretty much got it without his books. In the case of blanco, though, I don’t even know if they ever bother to “age” it before bottling, other than that required by inventory control. What you get out of the distiller is pretty much what you’ll get three months later. Even such, once it’s bottled, tequila does not continue to age like wines or scotches. So the three month limit for blanco seems quite arbitrary.

Sometimes the blanco is better is better than the reposado or anejo (forgive the lack of diacriticals – on my Windows box right now). But usually, blanco’s only good for mixing. Well, to my own taste buds, that is.

Mild hijack. But you guys clearly know your tequilas. I was given chocolate with tequila…goo? the middle, a gift from a friend who went to Mexico. How much am I gonna be ingesting? It’s not just liquid, the photo looks like goo.

No notation as to content of alcohol per item of candy. I’ve never had tequila in my life. Should I try some, or will it really screw me up?


Tequila’s typically as strong as any other hard liquor – no less, no more. So if you’ve ever had, well, what? Rum-filled? candies, I imagine it’d be similar.

I think tequila has more of a reputation for getting you drunk due to the reputation of the American people who typically drank it – and not the good stuff. Hell, I used to think like that until I had my first good tequila in Mexico – Tres Generaciones. Took them about an hour to convince me to try “yucky, nasty, tequila.”

Tres Generaciones, yumm!!! :slight_smile:

Mr. Peabody: And Tequila is the inspiration for a major work of American Literature!

Sherman: Which work of American Literature is that, Mr. Peabody?

Mr. Peabody: Surely, you’ve heard of…Tequila Mockingbird?