Big informational interview with a film production co. today; gen advice sought

Greetings dopers!

I’m a freelance music producer, session musician and composer. I’ve always worked freelance and have a great track record and portfolio on the music and commercial audio/radio.

As far as film production, I have some experience - especially on the composition, sound design and foley side of things - no real experience doing boom work or location mixing.

This company is a smaller indie house, with one completed short (20 min) and the next currently in pre, with shooting to commence in 6 weeks.

I am meeting with the producer/director and also the casting director, who is their point of contact for all outside vendors and personnel. They are interested finding a vendor to provide all audio production services.

I’m about 6 weeks away from formally launching my new commercial audio production shop, with a junior partner, and outside sales rep and several younger production associates - all great engineers but young.

This seems a good fit, they have some experience, smaller budget and seem to have their act together. As a producer in the music world, I’m looking pretty good. I have training in post work, but not much experience. I don’t need to charge much for this, as I’ll handle primarily the mission critical aspects - post mixing, sweetening, ADR, and run all the foley sessions. Will interface with the producer for clearance of music samples, but hoping to handle most if not all composition in house and avoid licensing/usage rights whenever possible. For the more grunt based work - dialogue editing, boom work, sweetening - I’ll have my partner overseeing my junior associates and I’ll focus on big picture (ha!) issues.

The issue is primarily this: my portfolio is highly music and composition driven. Very little post and work to picture. In addition, my website and business materials are geared towards my teaching practice - we’re halfway through development of the new marketing and web materials but nothing is up now.

I’m exceptionally comfortable in interviews, speak well, dress well and am generally a fairly charismatic fellow. My partner is very quiet, very smart and a very precise engineer…I handle most of the bus dev and am the majority partner (I’ve got fifteen years experience on him)

General advice on the situation sought, please. These are film people, so visuals are important. They’re knowledgeable - esp. the producer - on audio production, but certainly not pros - just enough to know what they want, the general expectations of audio prod for picture, and to discuss the basic details of all aspects that affect them.

The setting is a coffee shop, so neutral ground. Also minimal ability to showcase work on the spot - I want to avoid demo-ing on my laptop as the speakers really don’t do justice to most audio - esp. 5.1 with bass.

Thanks in advance, I’d love to hear some feedback and general thoughts to consider.