Big Love 1/11/10

Adaleen knew about the bomb because she went into the hallway and actually cradled a stunned Alby in her arms. The maid looked hurt but not injured. She was using propane in her motel room at the time, so I think she and Alby probably just took off.

Since it occurred during hiatus I’ll include it here for those who haven’t seen it:
The Juniper Creek Christmas Video

and other Christmas Songs (“I Saw Three Hummers on Christmas Day”, “Silent Wife”, and others) on HBO’s own site

gasp Thank you! I knew I had seen Alby’s favorite wife somewhere else but I never remembered to look it up.

Wasn’t she the Pinkerton’s inside lady on Deadwood? She does play cutthroat bitch well. I was rewatching last season when they played it and when Barb & Marge come to talk to Nikki- Alby’s wife was hilarious.

“You have to take her (Nikki) back. Alby- they HAVE to take her back!”


That was my thought, too. It’s a lot of fun but at the same time it’s almost like, “Look! Look how dark and disturbing and black our humor can be.” It’s entertaining enough, though.

Yeah, I was thinking that too when he was getting killed off–wondering, “Wait, is he really dead? No…it’ll be so boring without him!”

Huh? Sarah Chalke is going to play Teeny or is this a joke about how the actress playing her is aging faster than the character that went over my head?

Also, I saw this and forgot–but how did Bill’s father escape from his mom when she was trying to kill him off in the cellar with the plastic bag? (Last season, not this season.)

I’m going to spoiler this although I don’t think I really have to.

The role has been recast. Sarah Chalke played the oldest daughter on Rosanne for parts of the last few years of that show - seasons 7 through 9 or something, when the original actress went to college - so I was joking that she’ll be doing the same thing here.

I don’t remember them explaining that, but she said she decided she couldn’t bring herself to kill him. So I guess she untied him and he limped away.

Oh, cool, thanks.

I was wondering where Teeny was–someone mentioned something about her calling and coming next week (I think Ben?).

That whole thing with her has been uber awkward–it’s like they had no idea what to really do with her.

I’m kind of sad that Sarah’s role has been scaled down. Does this mean no more Heather? Oh, and Rhonda’s gone, too now.

Actually, I was hoping for more light to be shed on the “Was Nicki molested by Roman” angle which was hinted at a couple times, mostly in season one. I mean, we know she was married off uber young, in the joy book and all that, and that her father sanctioned that but I also got a weird vibe from him as well. Hmm.

And I also have to say…HATE the new credits. Hate. HATE. HATE.

Credits or opening? Or both? I really don’t like the new opening. But I almost always watch it recorded, so I get to skip it.

Agreed, it looks like they all were ejected from an airlock.

That’s it exactly. I know it’s supposed to mean ‘outer darkness’ just as the originals were ascending to the celestial spheres and all, but it looks exactly like the credits for LOST IN SPACE: THE NEW ADVENTURES. It would probably even work with the original Lost in Space theme music.

Of course I’m an opening credits purist. I believe that you should either do COSBY SHOW (different credits every season) or SANFORD & SON (same credits for the entire series) or at most BRADY BUNCH/ROSEANNE (same theme music but updated images of the actors to reflect aging kids and different hair styles). No changing the theme music ever (ala MONK- hate that Randy Newman song)- a little tweaking is fine but not a whole new number. If it’s not in the Constitution it should be.

I think Teeny (or atleast the actress that played her) quit show business. That’s what i read somewhere anyways. Regardless, she’s been replaced with a “cuter” look-alike as seen on hbo’s website. I dont think they ever did enough with the character for most people to care that she’s been mysteriously absent, but i think she has been staying with Barb’s mom is the dropped in line they explained it with. The younger kids on the show are more like props than characters, IMO.

I also hate the new Intro / opening sequence & agree whole heartedy with adding the rules posted above to some kind of tv contitution LOL

what do you all thinka bout Bill running for senate? The game plan is to keep the poly thing hush hush untill he’s elected and then “come out” ? O-K…

Speaking of HBO, have you guys seen the new forum there? it’s horrific… and they paid someone to do that s**t?!? I got such a headache trying to navigate it I created one of my own. Glad to have found some active discussion here though… every place i’ve looked had nothing but out of date season 2 related posts.

Amen. You have to do about 28 clicks before you can get to the right forum and then forget trying to find your last post.

Well, opening credits? I liked the ice skating to “God Only Knows,” is what I mean.

Also…Bill for senate? Is that something from another episode…no spoilers for future eps, please! I’ve only seen the first one so far (watching it on demand, not as it airs), and I’m trying to only read about what I’ve seen…

I just saw the second episode (I’m behind!) but do we have a second episode thread up? I can only find the first and third…

Am I the only one here who actually prefers the new opening sequence?
The ice-skating one was too long, too tedious, and I hate that song.

Conversely, I really like the photography of the new one, and the the bodies floating/falling in empty black space, while no more subtle of a metaphor, make for more compelling imagery, IMO.

No, you’re not. I made fun of the original sequence every time we started an episode, and by the end of the third season we were fast forwarding through it.

The song has some merits, but the ice skating thing was just awful and it’s maybe the worst example of super-obvious symbolism in a show that has had more than its share of obvious symbolism. I’m sure I’ll get tired of this sequence in time, but I like it better. The first time I saw it in one of the trailers I thought it was memorable and the photography was beautiful.