Big Love 1/11/10

Hey all…

The season premiere of Big Love was tonight… I missed the very beginning and didn’t catch what was going on with Sarah? I’m sure she will show up later, but just curious.


Mormon Teen Rock Band was disturbing.

The relationship between Lois & Frank is bizarre. Did she really chance getting murdered so she could go out for ice cream with him? Really?

It looks like Teeny will be absent for at least part of the season.

I wasn’t real thrilled with this as an opener. Barb is my least favorite wife and she was just as annoying as ever. I sometimes wish her cancer would come back for good (evil I know).

The only good part of this episode, IMHO, was Adaleen’s way of telling Nicki that the Prophet was a goner.

oh…wait a minute… the other good part was Alby coming face to face with his public park hookup.

Still 30 minutes away here on the left coast. I’m excited. This is one of my favorite shows.

Oh man, Frozen Roman in that hole. What a moment.

Are there really public parks where gay men “cruise,” in whatever suburban area of Utah where they are?

I was thinking “where did he find a public park like that- so close to Juniper Creek?” My impression was that they were isolated. The other alternative was that he was actually in SLC for the UEB Trustee meeting, except he came home and was only gone long enough to “take a hike”.

That last scene with Roman in the van and Bill closing his eyes was freaky too.

I find it irritating that Barb has been excommunicated now, by the mainstream LDS church, yet she continues to try to get her two eldest kids married off. Did you catch the look on her face when she told [son] to take care of Nikki’s daughter for a minute? Typical mormon mom: she doesn’t think she’s doing her job as a mom unless she’s constantly matchmaking.

I had to shudder at that – too many memories, too close to home. I don’t know how many mormon boys were shoved at me by their well-meaning but ill-advised moms. Blech.

The other Barb barb (heh!) was when she was bearing her testimony at the beginning of the episode. She just had to get in a dig at Sarah about “some of us are lost and don’t know where we are.” Snipy, catty, passive-aggressive… typical mormon mom thing.

I rewatched the beginning and loved Sarah’s face when Barb showed her concern for the “progressive” church they were going to. I grew up in a evangelical/foursquare family (until it disintegrated) and remember making that face many, many times when I was about that age.

I dumped HBO after True Blood was over and haven’t picked it up again. So Roman’s really dead?

Yes… at the end of last season, Joey suffocated him with a pillow and left him on the bed. Adaleen assumed that he just choked to death or something, but was afraid to let anyone know he was dead, since he had prophesized that he would live to be 126.

FYI- if you have Dish or something, you might call them. I’m getting HBO/Showtime for free for three months, they couldn’t offer me a contract deal right now, so they gave me that.

The problem with HBO’s long hiatus between seasons is that the acting seems forced and the chemistry between characters has faded. Hopefully that will improve in coming episodes. I also thought the editing was very choppy: these episodes really either should go an hour and a half, or the writing needs to be tighter. Or something. More episodes?

I might try that. Or I might wait. I was gonna re-up for Pacific, and I could probably catch Big Love repeats then.

I’m not sure though. I like Big Love but I sorta agree with Alan Sepinwall that the show has too many story lines. All the characters are interesting but I end up feeling shortchanged when the focus keeps shifting.

Parrot smuggling, Alby’s awkward closetedness, an ice cream date at gunpoint, and most of all, Roman in the freezer … this is why I call this show Big Cheese. The stuff inside the Henrickson family can be very interesting, but the other stuff gets so ridiculous I try to just enjoy it as camp.

On a slightly more serious note, as I watched the season 3 recap I realized killing Roman was a huge mistake for the show. As antagonists, Alby and Chakotay are not nearly as interesting (or, at times, unintentionally amusing). When you start the season by asking the audience to swallow this Weekend at Bernie’s/National Lampoon thing, where do you go next, both for a villain and for real drama?

Incidentally I look forward to Sarah Chalke as Teeny.

I agree; Roman being dead does take some of the fun out of it. I wish Frank would actually kill Lois (or vice versa, I don’t really care) just to stop some of that stuff. Nikki’s creepy ex-husband is interesting, and the whole casino plot could be good, but it is definitely too scattered. I’m still glad it’s back.

Best parts were definitely Adaleen getting Nikki to go in the walk-in, and Alby running into is park buddy, although Cutthroat Bitch offering Alby a beer from the secret fridge was good, too.

Good call. :wink:

Was that supposed to be a gay hangout? I wasn’t quite sure…

Otherwise, I thought this was a solid, but certainly not exception, episode. Glad to see this is back in action.

Well there was that big muscle guy with his arm on some other guy’s shoulder… I took it to mean that park was used as a gay hookup spot.

Hopefully with her father/Prophet dead Nikki’s finally going to stop trying to secretly “help” her relatives on the compound. She seems to be getting better. With Barb & Margene in the room when she got the call I think we’re supposed to infer that she told them she was bring a generator to the compound. Not telling Bill about Roman sooner was a mistake.

Are Sarah and Scott already married? Barb was presuring Sarah to let Bill seal them, but I don’t a sealing from Bill isn’t going to satisfy the State of Utah as far as their marriage certificate is concerned. If they aren’t married yet are they living together?

I missed it. I read the synopsis on but it didn’t speak about the fallout from Alby’s last season finale “Die, Mommy, Die!” scheme, so spoilers please:

Was Alby charged with anything?

Does Adaleen know the bomb came from Alby?

Did the maid get killed?

Does the real Kenny Rogers make an appearance?

Not as far as we know.

I think so. If not she still knows all about his sexual activities. She’ll use both to manipulate him.