big love: bread and...

Spongebob Squarepants.

Now we have to wait to find the answers.


Who’s going to be the bad guy now? The Greens just aren’t evil enough. JJ? It has to be him. With Roman gone, and Alby in the hospital, is JJ going to try to take control at the compound or something? It doesn’t seem likely, because he doesn’t seem like the most charismatic guy, but now there’s a real power vacuum.

What about Frank Harlow? He’s still at large. We haven’t seen the last of him, that’s for sure.

Where is Joey headed? Presumably he didn’t get caught smothering Roman - now what? Is he going to leave the polygamist lifestyle?

A lot of loose ends here. Especially Frank. The show deliberately made us forget about him, so he can return in a spectacular fashion the next season.

Interesting episode, will have to watch again.

Where were Margenes (two?) boys during all this breaking of bread? And wasn’t there a preview of Nikki screaming Wayne’s name as Bill backed out the driveway, or did I mishear that?

Barb is going to go off the deep end, being reinstated to the church will just put it off for a little longer.

Too bad Joey didn’t wait until the next day- I was sure he was going to leave Roman’s house and be face to face with the D.A and a police squad there to arrest Roman.

Not a spoiler, just a prediction: Roman is not dead and gone.

I don’t know… he looked pretty dead (and the show has aired, so hopefully I didn’t spoil anything this deep into the post count).

I’ll be pretty damn disappointed if Roman turns out to still be alive.

In general, the people on Big Love tend to really suck at killing others. So maybe it could happen.

I thought Nikki thought Alby was just joking/fantasizing about killing their parents. And I bet he got her responses on tape.

Good episode, but way to many loose ends here. So does Nikki plan on having her daughter live with Bill and clan? I think I’d like that kind of addition to the family more than bringing in an extra wife.

This show really needs Elias Koteas and John David Carson.

I’m so glad we finally got to meet Nicki’s estranged daughter. I wonder if she has inherited the crazy from her mom.

Now that we know her name I have of course added her to the chart, now at version 4.

I was surprised (and impressed) to see Joey take matters into his own hands for once. I didn’t think he had it in him. Then again, Wanda was probably planning to poison Roman, anyway.

WTF? Did all the directors, writers and editors go on strike when nobody was looking? This episode sucked eggs in a major way. It was disjointed and badly directed. The acting was forced and the actors didn’t seem to know where things were going. I don’t mind suspending belief for short periods, but the whole “Bill directing the DA’s office activities” was completely out in woo-woo land. A VERY disappointing effort by a team that usually produces a good show.

It really pissed me off.

It’s neat how the first solution to any crisis is “let’s have more babies.” At least they colored Barb’s suggestion with the craziness it deserved.


Nicki’s daughter looks like the type to stir things up just to torture the mother who abandoned her (even though she saved her from the “Joy Book” and the compound). Is she just another incarnation of Rhonda?

JJ is creepy, I expect him to come looking for his daughter.

I think Roman is dead, but Adaleen can easily take attempt to take revenge on anyone who hurts Roman. Presumably since the house was empty, there were no witnesses to Joey murdering Roman and you know Wanda will cover for him. Joey will get away with it, IMHO.

Margene on TV, lol.

Barb and her wacky baby ideas.

You knew Alby was going to screw up his attempt to kill his parents, he just doesn’t have it in him. Plus, it totally grossed me out when he kissed Laura(?) while they were making the bomb.

Any time Zelko Ivanek appears, you know there’s going to be bad news. JJ is probably going to be a major antagonist in the next season. And unlike most of the characters on this show, he seems truly unpredictable and dangerous. Dangerous in a physical sense, not simply to someone’s financial interests or religious standing, in the way that most of the characters on the show are “dangerous.”

Also…whatever happened to “Eddie the Cocksucker,” Lois’s brother? I hope he makes another appearance next season.

I got the feeling that this was the *series *finale. It felt like many loose ends were tied up. The Hendricksons are back together, physically, emotionally and spiritually; the casino is off & running, since Bill found that an endowment to BYU trumps any leverage his brother-in-law had; Margie’s business appears to be heading for success. Pretty much a happy ending.

Sure, things are in turmoil at the compound, but I don’t think the Hendricksons will care any more.

I agree that the whole business with the DA and Bill constantly being there in the war room for their operations was forced and labored and not very interesting, but I really liked the rest of the episode.
As a viewer, I’ll miss Roman. But boy did he ever deserve what he got.

I like the idea of adding a teenage daughter to the family a lot. On most shows that kind of thing is one of the ultimate shark-jumping warning signs, but it makes a lot of sense on BL, and was handled well. And no way Zeljko Ivanec doesn’t figure prominently next season, assuming there is one.
Marge on TV was a definite highlight.
So what happened to Teeny? Is she at camp again?

There is.

I don’t see it as a series finale- it’s still pretty popular and there is plenty of story lines to go around.

And I wonder if they’ll have a new Teeny next year- seems like a good time, obviously they do not want to give this one any screen time.

I still think it has to evolve to some point where Bill takes back the compound or has some authority there, it just seems to me to be the natural progression.

Adaleen is going to have to be nicer to Alby… he’s the only way she’ll retain any power now.

Her whole “I killed a frog just so I could cut it up” speech was a little creepy. Really, they could go anywhere with that character.

What grossed me out more was when Roman gave Bill a big soul kiss after letting Selma escape.

There will be a power vacuum at the compound next season. Will Alby be arrested for trying to kill Adaleen? If so, he won’t be in charge. Can Frank Harlow really be the prophet? Or will they turn to Bill as the prophet’s grandson? I always pictured him as eventually taking his place as patriarch, despite his efforts to blend in with the straight world.

What do you mean finally? Did we know about her earlier than an episode or two ago? I thought her existence was first revealed in this season. And I agree that Zeljko Ivanec’s character looks menacing. Has he ever played a nice guy?

I was kind of pleased that the historic documents turned out to be forgeries, since I said in a previous thread on the show that I thought they were cribbing that storyline from the case of Mark Hofmann. The show even had Alby be injured by his own bomb, as was Hofmann.