Big Love 4/9 (spoilers)

So who will Margene’s new friend be? She’s getting been getting the short end of the stick lately. How exposed will the Hendricksons be? I’m thinking that buy the end of the season they’ll be outed, especially since the season finale is titled “A Family Outing”.

Good episode. When Nickie said she wanted to bring a “new soul” into the family, I thought she was talking about another wife. So she thinks getting pregnant will put some distance between Bill and Barb?

Those were good scenes, with Bill and Barb. I totally bought a special connection between them that doesn’t exist with the other wives. It’s almost like they’re lonely for each other.

Poor Ben, getting hard from woodshop :smiley: . Exactly what are these sex dreams he’s been having. The writers defiantly seem to be setting him up for an attraction to Margie, other boys, or both! Bill needs to get rid of that nosy bitch fast, but if he fires her she’s gonna make alot of trouble for him. I think it’s wrong for Bill and Barb to go behind the other wives backs. I can’t fault Margie for befriending the neighbor, she’s really isolated, though she should get her story straight. Unless she mean she lost her husband in the Second Gulf War. Did Bill give his name to Nikki and Margie’s kids? Seeing how pissed he was that his father didn’t give him his name. If he did it’ll cause alot of problems when they get to be school-age.

Hmmm Does Micki intend to use pregnancy as leverage when Bill finds out about the $60K debt she has accumulated? She’s a kiniving little bitch.

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I thought this was a great episode… definitely the best one so far.

In particular, the business with Nickie and Margie and “look me in the eyes” was hilarious, and “I’m not naming names, but it wasn’t me, and it sure wasn’t you… it was Margie”. But then, just when you think Nickie is nothing but a conniving bitch, she stands up to Albie. A great mix of drama and humor and plot development.

What was the whole deal with Albie? Why was he lurking outside the patio door? Did Roman send him? Who were the other two “goons” with him? Why did he punch one of them when leaving? Are Nickie and Albie related? Brother/Sister, Cousins?

Is Nickie already pregnant, or just wants to be? The way she termed her “announcement” made me think that she had decided it was just time for her to have another child instead of already being pregnant, but based on the rest of the family’s reaction, I may be wrong.

Along those same lines, it doesn’t seem like using birth control would be consistent with their (particularly Nicki’s) religious beliefs. Unless they’re using the rhythm method, I guess. So unless the woman is unable to have kids, like Barb, I figured they wouldn’t necessarily have to decide the time is right to get pregnant, it would just happen.

Oh- and it’ll be just one more kid that she’ll make Margie take care of all the time.

They are both Roman’s children, are they not?

Alby failed to get the audited financial statements for Bill’s business, so Roman told Alby that he wasn’t suited for the job he’d been given, and Roman would find something else for Alby to do. So I think Alby was trying to be a tough guy and prove himself to Roman by intimidating Bill into giving up the statements. In some ways, this is a mafia drama just like the Sopranos.

Is it just me or is Albie far more sinster and creepy than Roman? Those scenes with Roman’s youngest wife were quite tense–he is obviously jealous of her position with Roman. I think he just might turn out to be the big baddie of this series.

I really enjoyed the “cheating” scenes with Bill and Barb. I wonder if they hadn’t been in a plural marriage, would they have been able to rekindle their relationship like that? Probably not.

Nicki is totally trying to steal the spotlight away from Barb now that she knows what they were up to. I’m not clear on whether she is actually pregnant or not either. I think it’s entirely possible that she’s lying and will suffer a tragic pretend miscarriage later on. That way, the attention is still fully on her yet she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of actually taking care of another kid.

I also think she only stood up to Albie because she knew he wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her. If it had been someone else, she probably would have been cowering in the house peeping out the window.
Oh, and pool fence check–present and counted for in this episode.

That was my impression as well. I believe Albie called Roman “father” at the beginning of the ep.
Nikki didn’t have any problem standing up to him, which leads me to believe she’s very aware of her position v. his…he comes from a younger wife, maybe? I believe her mom is wife #1. Not sure, though.

FWIW, in a recent episode (the day after her kid’s birthday party, IIRC), she was complaining of cramps and talking about Midol.

If she only has access to Bill every 3 days, though, it could be that she would miss her opportunity each month. Maybe by saying this, she is asking for extra Bill time?

Now that you mention it, that makes a lot of sense.

According to the HBO website Nikki’s mom is number 4 out of 14.

I like to make sense! I think she is also doing this as a dig to Barb, who cannot have kids.

I just found Margene’s blog on the HBO website.

from the blog:

Good stuff.

I want to hate this show; but somehow it’s intriguing. I dislike all of the adults but still it is compelling to watch. It seems to me that Barb is starting to regret the lifestyle and would like to have Bill to herself again, which in my mind would redeem her a bit as a likeable character who just made a huge mistake. Ben has promise if he follows his girlfriend’s advice and not become “one of them”. Although the eyes he was making at the other guy suggests he has other issues going on that may prevent him being one of them anyway.