Big Love - 8/26 (Season Finale) (Spoilers)

Well, they didn’t close a single story line - in fact they opened a few new ones to ponder till next season.

The only story lines they came close to closing would be:
Barb seeming to get back on board with their life style.
The end of Sarah’s virginity.

Not sure how having his dad arrested is going to win Alby any favor on the compound.
How long will it take Nicky to realize that she was the one who set her dad up, and how will she lie her way out of it.
Anna is back - the only place I can see that heading is her becoming the surrogate mom for the neighbors across the street.
Ben will be up to his ear lobes in twins.

The WTF comment of the night: Kathy asking Wanda if she had put on the clean underwear she had laid out for her…

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