Big Names & Bad Movies

Just got finished watching The Unborn, which was just as craptacular as I expected. There were only three good things about this film

  1. Odette Yustman, the beauty who was used to sell the film and thusly is quite easy on the eyes.

  2. James Remar, who as usual gives a solid performance in his two scenes.

  3. Gary Oldman, as a rabbi. This surprised me-I thought he had better sense than to appear in this kind of dreck.

Any casting you were dumbfounded by?

Sir Larry as Zeus was pretty flabbergasting.

Jackie Gleason must have really needed the money to appear in three “Smokie and the Bandit” movies

Reportedly, he needed the bucks – he was in lots worse films at the same time.

Also, his wife, Ursula Andress, Burgess Meredith, and others were in this, too. Besides, as a big Ray Harryhausen fan, I don’t think it was a crappy movie – it was Harryhausen’s final film, and a well-done finale.

Except for that damned owl.

You want crappy?
Joan Collins in Empire of the Ants

James Earl Jones and Robby Benson in City Limits

John Carradine in Tales from the Past and The Black Sleep

I guess any actor who stays in the business long enough is going to end up in some crappy films, but some are overachievers in this regard.

I give you Jon Voight, "Star of “Coming Home,” “Deliverance,” “Midnight Cowboy” and “The Champ,” as well as An American Carol, Anaconda, The Karate Dog, Bratz, and Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (currently ranked at third-worst movie ever on IMDb.)

Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren in Caligula

Not to mention John Gielgud. And, of course, Malcolm McDowell, who’s the star.

Yeah but Malcolm hadn’t done a whole lot of note by that time had he? Aside from A Clockwork Orange? At the time he wasn’t really a big name.

The Madwoman of Chaillot: Katherine Hepburn, Paul Heinreid, Edith Evans, Yul Brenner, Richard Chamberlain, Donald Pleasance, Danny Kaye, Charles Boyer, and Giulietta Massina. Four Oscars, plus several other nominees on this list.

Are you kidding? He was in Lindsay Anderson’s If. And a Clockwork Orange alone was enough to make him a star.

Not to Mention O Lucky Man and playing Flashman in Royal Flash.

Heck, I knew who he was when the film came out, and I don’t follow Hollywood that closely.

Whoopi Goldberg in Theodore Rex
Nicholas Cage in half the stuff he’s been in
Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black